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62 National Day, Sen. Enang urges Nigerians to keep hope alive



62 National Day, Sen. Enang urges Nigerians to keep hope alive

Senator (Dr). ITA ENANG Presidential Adviser Emeritus, National Assembly matters, Senate,
Niger Delta Affairs has advised Nigerians to be kind, courageous and keep hope alive amidst challenges in the country.

Enang said this on Saturday in Abuja to journalists in a congratulatory message to the people of the country as Nigeria marks her 62 Independent Day.

Speaking, Enang expressed gratitude to God, the Leaders of the country and His dear people of Akwa Ibom state “As we celebrate our National day, let’s thank God for keeping us together and alive in the face of the Nation’s challenges and the effort made by the Governments to solve same.

“I Congratulate His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari, for weathering the Economic and indeed Fiscal stormy winds confronting Nigeria and World Economies and the innovative pragmatic approach adopted by him and our team that kept our heads above water, although not without gasping stress.

“To their Excellencies the State Governors and sub National institutions, we Congratulate you and pray that ALL should accept that it is the collective of what we do at the respective States and tiers that reflects on National economic result on poverty, hunger, agricultural low or maximal output, cost of goods and services and National economic statistics which is wrongly placed on the doorstep of the Federal Government.

“The way the State Governments, Sub Nationals and even Federal Revenue generating institutions deal with the Dollar after FAAC and allocation is what affects and generally adversely affects our currency against other world currencies. And same actors point at the Federal on Economic report” he said.

He urged the Leaders of the country to restore fidelity to the Nation and the children, adding that the children are crying, revolting and speaking to our faces about their future.

He explained that the evolving movement is not protest against a political Party, or Government, but revolt against a generation for infidelity to the next generation, their future and Nation.

“A Nation producing Natural Resources, adding no value thereto, exporting the raw, citizens heartlessly sabotaging, importing the refined products in hard currency, neglecting local refiners and targeting them as saboteurs can only face what we now do.

“Flood waters ravage our farms. Good planning dictates both State and National Institutions depending on jurisdictional limits could have converted this challenge to opportunities to re charge drying streams and Rivers by de silting the channels to receive excessive water from principal River channels during excess flood water to use for Agriculture: irrigation, fishing and cropping, animal husbandry, among others.

Enang therefore urged the Federal Government to convert the challenges, confrontations and principalities to opportunities and wealth, instead of waiting to re locate citizens and give them rice and blankets as emergency relieve.

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62 National Day, Sen. Enang urges Nigerians to keep hope alive

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