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APC National Convention: Northern Coalition insists on National Women Leader position, as Madina Sanusi picks Form



APC National Convention: Northern Coalition insists on National Women Leader position, as Madina Sanusi picks Form
As the All Progressives Congress, APC national convention draws closer with just four days in sight, a group of Northern Women Coalition, NWC have insisted that the position of the ruling part’s national women leader office be zoned to the Northern part of the country and have endorsed the candidature of Hon Madina Sanusi as the National Women leader.

Speaking to journalists in Abuja, the coordinator of the group, Hajia Salma Sambo said the office of a National women leader is not just an office to be toyed with, but an office which the party leadership should take cognisance by putting the right person who the cap fits in the office inorder not to scuttle the chances of the party in the forth coming election in 2023.

Calling for the reconsideration of the zonning already done by the leadership of the APC, Sambo averred that the NWC agitation is based on the fact that two mobilising leadership office: Office of the National Youth Leader, Office of the National Women Leader be zonned to a zone- the southern part of the country.

Urging the APC leadership to reconsider their decision by zonning the position of the Women Leader office to the Northern part of the country, stating that the agitation of the Northern Women is borne out of the unfair nature of two mobilising factors to be zonned to a particular zone.

“The office of the national youth leader and office of the national woman leader to a zone, we believe it is an error and the natinal leadership of this party are not taking cognisance of these error because we are approaching the 2023 General election, if this is not being thinker properly, I believe it is going to cost our 2023 general election so I believe.

“Just recently, the northern women had a summit where they insist that the two mobilising factor cannot go to the South or to the north and in as much as they are aware that the zoning is out they are still insisting that in as much as they are going for an election, the two mobilising factors should be separated. The party stakeholders must understand that the two mobilising factor cannot rest in one region, it is an error that needs to be corrected,” stressed Sambo.

She also noted that the ruling APC shouldn’t give the opposition party that loophole to start galvanising the northern women to support their mission in 2023, adding that it is a correctable error which can be corrected by the leadership of the party.

” The leadership of the party needs to see reason why they should zone the women leader position to the North, but since the inception of the party the youth leader has been in the North, and we are insisting that since the northern part of the country are insisting, we should be the opportunity.

Supporting the northern women in their agitation, Hon. Fubara Dagogo said the northern partbof the country should be given the opportunity at the national convention to contest for and be voted for for the polishing of APC National Women office going by the exposure and calibre of their endorsed candidate, Hon. Madina Sanusi.

“We should give them that opportunity because their culture is so important and whoever is going to be the leader of the party must understand that the culture of the northern women is very important and the language of the northern region is very important and you and I know that politics is local and their women is used to having diverse language.

” For now, we need the northern women and we cannot neglect them by insisting that since Mallam Elrufai said that positions in the North should go to the south and those in the south should go to the north. For the purpose of equity, justice and fairness, the two mobilising factors should be separated and the northern women shouldn’t be faulted for insisting that the women leader office should be zoned to the North.

APC National Convention: Northern Coalition insists on National Women Leader position, as Madina Sanusi picks Form

“We are looking at the advantage of the party wining in the forth coming elections, so we must understand that these two mobilising factor being in the souther part of the country can scuttle the chances of getting the 2023 general elections and would result in having to do more work than necessary.

“The PDP zoned the youth leader was in the South and the woman leader in the North and after their convention the youth leader is in the North, the woman leader is in the South. These are areas that we need to pay attention to,”

Dagogo appealed to the APC stakeholder and crane their understanding that the northern women are insisting that it should be zoned to them, they shouldn’t just overlook or turn deaf ears to them, but should listen to their yearnings

Speaking on the endorsement of Hon. Sanusi, Sambo pointed that Hon. Sanusi has the pedigree to lead the women wing of the party towards the actualisation of success in the 2023 elections and beyond.

She said, ” Hon. Madina Sanusi has all it takes to lead the APC women to victory in the elections come 2023. She is someone who has seen it all.

” Talk of education, professionalism and all what have you, Hon Madina is not a push over. Do you know she is a multilingual person with diverse background, she speak several languages and have been to several parts of the country?

“She is a Child and Women Rights Advocate, Motivational Speaker, Politician. She is a member of the Operations & Logistics Committee of the Conference Planning Committee of the just concluded National Progressives Youth Conference in 2021.

” Hon Madina is Presently the Marketing Manager of WeighTech Nigeria Industries, an Ex -Banker with First Bank Of Nig. Born and bred in Lagos. She is of mixed parentage,of kebbi State and Oyo State.

“A member of Ariel Foundation international an (NGO) for children and youth Human Rights Expert,Advocate, Trainer, Education and Speaker.AFI representative in Nigeria.

Under them ,she attended the UNRISD Seminar: Climate Change in Coastal Cities. She also attended the HRC/WG on the universal periodic Review both at the United Nations High commission Geneva 2018 UN Forum Business and Human Rights in Geneva.

” She was also the honored representative Ariel Foundation international for the 2018 United Nations Events in Geneva.

A member of the The Young African Leaders initiative (YALI )supports young people in sub-Saharan Africa as they foster economic growth, enhance democratic governance, and strengthen the civil society structures that will help the continent sustainably grow and prosper.

“She also attended the 8th Session of the Forum on Business and Human Rights 25/27 November in Palais des Nations- Geneva, Switzerland.

“She is also a member of Working Group on Business and Human Rights United Nations.

As an entrepreneur, Politician,Advocate and speaker, it takes a stand for achieving your definition of success without sacrifice. She is the founder of a kiddies events outlets, a new way of sustainable living for entrepreneurs filled with having more fun, living free and feeling fabulous while making a difference in the world.

“As a lifestyle strategist for entrepreneurs, she has helped world-class leaders from around the globe design a business lifestyle that gives them the impact, income and fulfillment they want. She is known for helping people take back control of their lives so that they can achieve sustainable success, genuine fulfillment and lasting happiness. What more do you require of a women leader,” Sambo highlighted.

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APC National Convention: Northern Coalition insists on National Women Leader position, as Madina Sanusi picks Form

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