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APC will sweep polls in Kwara in 2019 – Oyedepo



APC will sweep polls in Kwara in 2019 – Oyedepo


Former chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in Kwara, Akogun Iyiola Oyedepowho led majority of the party members to the All Progressives Congress (APC) has said that APC will defeat PDP in 2019 general elections.


Oyedepo, who made this known on Sunday in Ilorin in a statement after a meeting of his group, said over 85 percent of PDP members followed him to decamp to the APC.


“If you add our 85 percent with the people in APC before we came in, the party is richer now and ready to chase away PDP in Kwara,” he added.


He said that members of the splitter group that remained in PDP have no electoral value, adding that APC is the party to beat in any election in Kwara.


According to him, only four members of the PDP executives out of 31 members remained with the party, while the rest followed him to APC.

Oyedepo added that 27 of the PDP executive members were now with him in APC, adding that the four that chose to remain were from a splitter group loyal to the Senate President.


The former PDP chairman also said that over 85 percent of the local government and ward executive also followed him to the APC.


Oyedepo, a lawyer said that not less than 15 other political parties are ready to work with the APC to wrestle power form PDP and the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki.


“I can boast of 15 political parties that are with us. As far as that is concerned, we have not less than 15 that are working with us. KOWA is with us, we are with Labour Party, PPN and many others,” he added.


He accused Saraki of under developing the State for the past 16 years,

as he claimed that the over N1trn had accrued to the state from 2003 to date.


“Wherever Saraki goes, he goes with underdevelopment. He represents

mis-governance. He is not somebody who has been known to have developed this state.


“I can say today that when you to calculate the amount of money that has accrued to this state for almost 16 years now, we have even exceeded a trillion naira when you include statutory allocation, IGR and loans and other interventions, the state has taken.


“This state is more or less as Saraki met it. In any case, when you see the percentage of the statutory allocation which still remains at about 75 and 80 percent, you will see that there is no development in Kwara State.


“It means that wherever he Saraki goes, he goes with misplaced priority, underdevelopment, unfairness in the distribution of amenities, arrogance in power,” Oyedepo said.


He added that darkness and light cannot co-habit, saying that a government that was unable to give the people good governance for about 16 years represented darkness.


“We are under oppression in Kwara State, that is we agree that there is something wrong with the national politics. We have to clear Kwara before we can face Nigeria.


We are complaining about Kwara. The only issue is Bukola Saraki. We do not pretend about that.


“Saraki is fond of shifting. He shifted from ANPP in 2003 to PDP. In

2013, he shifted from PDP to APC, today he has shifted from APC to



“When Bukola Saraki decided to move from APC to PDP, we believe that he by that has infiltrated the party.


“He has more or less provided some sort of stench that may make the party become an unwarranted instrument that can change anything in Kwara State because our politics is different from his own, we had to leave their party,” Oyedepo added.

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APC will sweep polls in Kwara in 2019 – Oyedepo

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