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Atiku’s aide wants INEC to disqualify buhari from re-contesting



Muhammadu Buhari

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Campaign Spokesperson, Alhaji Buba Galadima has called on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to disqualify President Act.

Galadimma also disclosed plans by the Security agencies like the Nigerian Police, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) and Directorate of State Security (DSS) to frame up members of the National Assembly who heckled President Buhari on the Budget Presentation date on frivolous charges.

He equally deflated the plans by Nigerian farmers to raise 12million votes for Buhari during the 2019 election as figment of imagination as he claimed that the roll call of members of the farmers is below 3 million.

Galadima made the disclosure on Sunday at Legacy House in Abuja during a World Press Conference on the state of the Nation.

The PDP spokesperson who was a very close ally of Buhari for many years said the lawmakers were right to jeer at Buhari since he presented a false achievement plans unless they are prepared to defend the false claims before their various constituencies.

He said, “The electoral act stipulated that individuals cannot contribute more than 1million to the President while corporate bodies cannot go beyond N10 million. Since the President claims that Nigerian farmers contributed N100 million toward his reelection campaign, I am calling on the Independent National Election to disqualify Buhari for breeching the electoral act.

“We also read in the National dailies that the farmers association of Nigeria had contributed 100 hundred thousand naira each to the reelection of Mr President. This is unlawful, it cannot be justified in any court of law. If it is true this is against the electoral act, because according to the electoral act, whoever does business with government cannot contribute to the election of that government. It is against the law.

“Those who made that contribution and those who received the contribution should be call to book and be arraigned before the appropriate court of law.”

Although Galadimma was not convinced that Buhari enjoys the support of the farmers, he went on to say.

“I am a farmer, one of the largest farmers in Nigeria. Around me are also farmers with large investment. We have never sat down as members of farmers association of Nigeria and took a decision that we are supporting President Muhammadu Buhari candidature for a second term in office.

“Therefore, I want to assume that whatever they said about this is a lie. But if is not a lie then it is against the Electoral Act, this now calls for the disqualification of President Muhammadu Buhari as a candidate for the 2019 Presidential elections.

Galadimma justified the jeerinng at President Buhari, saying that it is what a leader gets when a leader decides to present 90% of false information before the Parliament.

“During the presentation of the budget, certain things took place. Most importantly was how the President was boo by members of the National Assembly. There are lot of divided opinion by many Nigerians, both informed and uninformed.

“A lot of people who are uninformed felt that it was either unnecessary, rude to interact or to boo a President of a country. Some of us felt otherwise, because they were reacting to statements been made by the President on performance because he rolled out certain indices or facts about his performance all over Nigeria within the presiding year of this budget.

“And as you know, every inch of Nigeria is represented by a member in that National Assembly. Therefore if the President says anything that is not true, that person is banned to react. Because if he does not react and the nation goes with that impression, that person may not return home.

“Because what the President read out as achievement was absolutely trash, were absolute falsehood, they were absolute misrepresentation of facts. By now, we must have seen that 90% of what he called achievement were rarely not true.

” It is unfortunate that the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria is a person that cannot check his facts. He has no ways of finding out what is the truth. Whatever is given to him by his subordinate, the President hook and sinker takes it and rolls it out to the public. This has called his integrity to question.

“Therefore it is not out of place for members of the national assembly and for all of you to know that there is a parliamentary immunity. That if members are within that hallow chamber, they can say anything and it will not offend any law. Infact they cannot even be tried in the court of law for what they say in the National Assembly Chambers.”

The former member of the Board of Trustee of the APC revealed that security agencies have sung into action to arrest and detain members of the National Assembly who booed at the President during the budget presentation.

“We learnt under an impeccable authority that some of his close aids are meeting and taking names of those that supposedly booed the President. Whether to frame them, either with EFCC or ask the police to invite them. I don’t know for what purpose.

“They can’t arrest any parliamentarian for booing the President on what he thinks is correct that the President misrepresented what has happened in his or her constituency. They should be careful with what they are trying to do, because what they are planning to do, whether the President knows or he doesn’t know, will affect the 2019 general elections.

“He has no authority whatsoever, or his agents whether EFCC, ICPC, Police and DSS to accost any parliamentarian for having booed the President that read out on the floor of the National Assembly.

The spokesperson added that the Buhari government will do everything possible to remain in power even if it means the extermination of opposition voices.

According to Galadimma, the APC and Buhari only rely on rigging to get reelected into office come 2019, adding that the plan explains why neither the party nor its Presidential candidate has established a campaign office nor structure to sell its blueprint to the people.

He said, “This government can do anything to ensure that they remain in power. They can arrest, they can malign, they can even kill to remain in power. You can see that they are not rely on any Nigerian to vote for them”.

Galadimma told Nigerians to dismiss the fake premises of Buhari and join Atiku Abubakar, the candidate of the PDP who has shown commitment to get the country working through job creation and extermination of poverty.

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