The Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Ifesowapo Ologodidan Sub-headquarters in Ilorin on Sunday cautioned Christians to beware of prophets in the habit of swindling people.

The Presiding Pastor of the church, Special Apostle Henry Orolugbagbe, gave the advice in Ilorin during at a news conference to herald the 25th Anniversary of the church.

Orolugbagbe noted that many Christians had deviated from the path of honour while looking for miracles from fake prophets.

The cleric urged the followers of Christ to study and know what they believe in very well through adherence to the teachings and principles of Jesus.

According to him, “Bible does not ask us to be looking for miracles where such does not exist. Rather we should know what we believe in and read the Bible very well. Jesus says knock and it shall be opened; Ask and it shall be given. All we need from pastors is guidance.”

The pastor noted that many Christians were lazy in fasting and prayers nowadays; hence they wanted things on a platter of gold.

The church leader advised the Federal Government to rise up to the challenges of insecurity holistically.

He noted that while the government moved head on to address the issue, Nigerians should join in fasting and prayers.

The clergy also urged Christians to join politics in order to be part of decision -making.

“Christians have been running away from politics, giving undue advantage to others. However, politics is what we must be involved in to be part of decision makers,’’ he said.

Orolugbagbe urged the congregation to do good as if there would be no opportunity to do it again, saying that death could strike anytime.

The Special Apostle explained that the church was established as Cherubim and Seraphim Church Movement in 1994 before it transformed to Cherubim and Seraphim Ifesowapo Ologodidan in 1997.

He noted that it started with 104 congregants and expanded to more than 500 members.

“The church is founded by seven members led by Apostle Josiah Oyetunji to propagate gospel.

“This church has encountered several challenges but the challenges were surmounted by the Grace of God.”