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Corruption is on the increase, Sultan of Sokoto laments



Corruption is on the increase, Sultan of Sokoto laments

Sultan Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar III

Government and religious leaders have been cautioned to advise the citizenry to desist from criminalising a particular ethnic group in order to ensure peaceful co-existence in the country.

The Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar made the call on Wednesday in Abuja at the presentation of a book titled: “Dynamics of Revealed Knowledge and Human Science”, in honour of the Registrar of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Examination (JAMB), Professor Is-haq Oloyede.

The monarch noted that the killer herdsmen crisis was devoid of religious or ethnic quota, but is that of a struggle for survival.

According to him, “Nowadays the worst word you can hear is Fulani, there are millions of Fulanis’ who do not know what a cow is. Am a very proud Fulani but I was never a herder but everybody when they see a Fulani man he is a killer, its not true. There are so many non-Fulani’s that are herds men millions of them so to stereotype a  particular ethnicity as a criminal is wrong.

“There are criminals all over the world so lets give criminals their due name, call them criminals not Christian criminals, not Muslim criminals, not Fulani criminals call them criminals and deal with them. That is what we have been telling government but if the government  has failed, then tell us what to do, tell us how to go about.”

On the issue of corruption, he said despite the efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari to win the war against corruption, corruption is still on the increase in the country.

He added that the level of corruption is taking a dangerous dimension as most Nigerians at the epicentre of power are only concerned with their selfish interest.

His words: “The snake issue has been such a humorous thing that cartoons are centred around it. It is humorous but it is a sad reality of our country. Where is our moral values. Somebody just gets up take government money and go away and nobody challenges him? Why do people do things with impunity?

“Its a joke snake swallowed 36 million maybe in dollars, but the reality is facing us and the earlier we do something about it the better for us.

“Lets not sing further, things are bad, corruption is at a very high level and its left for us to fight it to it’s terminal end. We shall not just sit down and be thinking that things are okay, things are not okay. We have said it so many times but It is left for us to sit together and find out ways and means of getting things back on track in this blessed country.

“We thank God for Nigeria, we can’t wish for another country like Nigeria, we love what God has done for us but we cannot continue  in this negative things everyday.

“Nowadays we don’t have statesmen, we have men of states because people are aligned with their state and embrace their religion more than Nigeria. We have governors  that only see only  their immediate environment  as their own constituency and if you don’t belong to their tribal or ethnic ethnic background, you are finished.”

The Sultan however lamented the decadence in moral values in the society, adding that politicians are capitalising on the herdsmen killings in various parts of the country to boost their political ego, rather than condemn the actions.


“Our Moral values has gone so low, we don’t have sense of right or wrong, people talk anyhow they want to.


“People use peoples life to have political stand, its wrong don’t you know people are dying everyday but you as the Governor, as the Councillor as the President as the Chairman as Minister, you are under very tight security in the country you don’t feel anything, but the common man out there is being killed everyday tens and hundreds are being killed everyday in the name of economic survival,” he added.

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Corruption is on the increase, Sultan of Sokoto laments

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