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Cross dressing, condemned by God not part of civilization -MMWG



A non-governmental organization known as the Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria, MMWG, has declared that cross-dressing, commonly practiced by some youths of nowadays, is not part of civilisation or modernisation but an uncivilised behaviour punishable by God in this world and the hereafter.

The group, in a statement by its National Coordinator, Alhaji Ibrahim Abdullahi, listed cross-dressers, men and women who disobey their parents and husbands who refuse to protect their wives from any abuse whatsoever, among the three categories of people who would be punished by the Almighty.

While blaming all vices plaguing the Nigerian youths on bad parenting, Abdullahi particularly said “any Muslim dressing like a woman or any Muslim woman putting on men’s wears are both agents of devil who would not receive blessings of Allah here and the hereafter.”

The group leader, who stated that Islam has left nothing untouched, condemned cross-dressing and disobedience to parents, charging the youths to always be of good conduct both at home and outside.

This, according to the MMWG “is contained in the Hadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), as the Messenger of God mentioned cross-dressers i.e. men who dress like women including platers of hairs as well as women dressing like men as those Almighty Allah would not forgive of their sins because of their disobedience to Him.”

The group, therefore, commended the Grand Kadi of Kwara State, Hon. Justice Abdul-Lateef Kamaldeen for focusing these three evil deeds in his sermon last Friday and for warning Muslim parents and guardians as well as Muslim youths to shun all these evils.

“We should all know that good parenting is part of Islamic virtues that Muslim men and women must possess to gain Allah’s favour, as poorly brought up children would continue to destroy the society with his or her bad habits. The insecurity problems we are facing in the country as evidence of bad parenting which Almighty Allah would not forgive,” Abdullahi stated.

On the jail break in Suleja, Niger State, the MMWG condemned stakeholders in the maintenance of Nigeria’s correctional centres of putting the lives of citizens at risk over constant jail-breaks.

“Often when jail-breaks occur, Federal Government and top officials of correctional centres would promise ‘heavens and earth’ to be done so that such incidents would not repeat itself, but none would be done, till another one occur.

“Here we are with hundreds of prisoners finding their ways illegally to the citizens having bolted away from lawful custody because of the negligence, inability and incapacity of many officials to do what is right on time,” the group lamented.

MMWG, therefore, called for the relocation of Ilorin Correctional Centre from Okekura to Mahdi in the outskirt of Ilorin and redesigning of the Medium Correctional Centre at Mahdi to Maximum Correctional Centre so as to occupy inmates that are to be moved from Okekura.

It also called for same in all parts of the country, saying “it is unfashionable to locate prisons inside the city centres.”

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