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Dr. Kamorudeen Yusuf honoured by American Chemical Society…Read keynote address [FULL TEXT]



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By Arowona Abdulazeez

Alhaji Dr. Kamorudeen Ibitoye Yusuf being honoured as the 2017 Awardee of the year by the American Chemical Society, Nigeria Chapter at the University of Ilorin auditorium on Tuesday.

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Before dwelling into today’s subject of discussion, let me firstly register my sincere appreciation to the entire leadership of this noble association both the international and national bodies for deeming it fit to recognize our numerous contributions to the world of chemistry.
It is also pertinent to stress that discussing the topic: “Sustainable Chemistry: Industrialists and Gown Relationship Improvement for Research Excellence” is highly desirable and timely owing to the fact that our country in particular and the world at large is facing numerous economic challenges occasioned by lack of adequate policy thrust for improved research and productivity as well as lack of spirit of policy implementation.
There is no doubt that there is increasing pressure from both society and government on industries to develop clean, safe and secured processes to produce useful, eco-friendly, harmless and sustainable products. However, there is also need to uphold the fact that the ecological footprint of chemical products needs to be decreased drastically.

Since the entire process of human endeavour is Chemistry due to the various chemical components and reactions involved, I stand tall to say that this symposium is in the right direction towards ensuring a positive drive for a sustainable economy through a genuine and robust relationship among Chemical Practitioners in the Academics and Industries especially in Nigeria.

Mr. Vice Chancellor and other distinguished guests, at our end as industrialists, we are more engaged in the practice of chemistry for the development of our economy in the area of innovation of industrial equipments, production of materials, researching into technological advancement and among all creation of jobs. All these are the major recipes needed to sustain a developing economy like ours.
At KAM Industries, we uphold standard in the production and packaging of our products and we improve on our technical know-how in line with international best practice in order to become one of the leading Steel Industry in Nigeria, Africa Sub-Region and large.
In Year 2008, company established a manufacturing company in Wuxi, China to produce nail cap for sales to the locals and for export to Nigeria. The company also doubles as Procurement Business Unit and     provides technical training for the group.
In Year 2011, the company established its FIRST HOT DEEP GALVANIZING LINE of 36,000mtpa for galvanized roofing sheet accompanied with a colour coating line of 50 RPM for coloured and aluminum roofing sheet with all the utilities of the profile forming machine and cut to length.
In Year 2012, we commenced construction of the Phase II of ULTRA MODERN STEEL COLD ROLLING MILL COMPLEX of 100,000mtpa at  worth of USD210million comprises of 6 high reversing cold rolling mill, push pickling line, CNC  roll grinding, rewinding line, two extra modern galvanizing line on 120 RPM cut to length, corrugating station, water complex and today we are constructing another giant Steel Industry hub at Jimba-Oja along Ajasse-Ipo road to becoming one of the largest Steel Rolling Mills in Africa.
A quick look at production process will give you an insight to the world of Chemistry:
In conclusion, I hereby appeal the federal government to make more funds available for tertiary institutions in order assist them in carrying out research as well as other Community Development Services because education remains the tools to develop nations
To build a virile nation devoid of speculations and controversies, there is an urgent need for Chemical Practitioners in the Academics to advance their researches beyond classes and laboratories and visit industries such as ours. This will foster and provide harmonious platform for interactions and in the long run, rumours will be confirmed, speculations will be conveniently criticized and theories will be more solidified because “seeing is believing.”

Also,  it it is pertinent for the Federal Government through the National Universities Commission, (NUC)  and other regulatory agencies in the education sectors to enable to give more priority to Science related courses during admission process. This should be done in the ratio 70 to 30 percentage for both sciences and non-sciences respectively.

This will further ensure the need for entrepreneurial skills among our teeminh youths.

Thank you all for your kind attention and God bless.

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