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E-X-P-O-S-E-D… How Chinese scientist, Li Chen invented coronavirus in his lab



E-X-P-O-S-E-D... How Chinese scientist, Li Chen invented coronavirus in his labResearch has finally revealed the source of the global endemic, coronavirus disease which has killed many people across continents of the world and recently named Covid-19 by the World Health Organization, (WHO).

Findings by ROYAL NEWS through a publication titled: The Eyes Of Darkness” written by Dean Koontz and published in February 1981, revealed that much has been said in the past about the diseases which originated in Wuhan in mid-December 2019. The book is 299 pages.

According to the publication in page 287-289 of the online version, “I’m not interested in the philosophy or morality of biological warfare,” Tina

“Right now I just want to know how the hell Danny wound up in this

place.To understand that,” Dombey said, “you have to go back twenty months. It was around then that a Chinese scientist named Li Chen defected to the United States, carrying a diskette record of China’s most important and dangerous new biological weapon in a decade. They call the stuff ‘Wuhan-400’ because it was developed at their RDNA labs outside of the city of Wuhan, and it was the four- hundredth viable strain of man-made microorganisms created at that research center.

“Wuhan-400 is a perfect weapon. It afflicts only human beings. No other living creature can carry it. And like syphilis, Wuhan-400 can’t survive outside a living human body for longer than a minute, which means it can’t permanently contaminate objects or entire places the way anthrax and other virulent microorganisms can. And when the host expires, the Wuhan-400 within him

perishes a short while later, as soon as the temperature of the corpse drops below eighty-six degrees Fahrenheit.

Do you see the advantage of all this?” Tina was too busy with Danny to think about what Carl Dombey had said, but Elliot knew what the scientist meant. “If I understand you, the Chinese could use Wuhan-400 to wipe out a city or a country, and then there wouldn’t be any need for them to conduct a tricky and expensive decontamination before they moved in and took over the conquered territory.”

“Exactly,” Dombey said. “And Wuhan-400 has other, equally important advantages over most biological agents. For one thing, you can become an infectious carrier only four hours after coming into contact with the virus. That’s an incredibly short incubation period. Once infected, no one lives more than twenty-four hours. Most die in twelve. It’s worse than the Ebola virus in Africa—infinitely worse.

E-X-P-O-S-E-D... How Chinese scientist, Li Chen invented coronavirus in his lab

Wuhan-400’s kill-rate is one hundred percent. No one is supposed to survive. The Chinese tested it on God knows how many political prisoners. They were never able to find an antibody or an antibiotic that was effective against it. The virus migrates to the brain stem, and there it begins secreting a toxin that literally eats away brain tissue like battery acid dissolving cheesecloth. It destroys the part of the brain that controls all of the body’s automatic functions. The victim simply ceases to have a pulse, functioning organs, or any urge to breathe.”

“And that’s the disease Danny survived,” Elliot said. “Yes,” Dombey said. “As far as we know, he’s the only one who ever has  “This time it’s true,” Dombey said. “After Li Chen defected with all the data

on Wuhan-400, he was brought here. We immediately began working with him, trying to engineer an exact duplicate of the virus. In relatively short order we accomplished that. Then we began to study the bug, searching for a handle on it that the Chinese had overlooked.”

“And someone got careless,” Elliot said. “Worse,” Dombey said. “Someone got careless and stupid. Almost thirteen

months ago, when Danny and the other boys in his troop were on their winter survival outing, one of our scientists, a quirky son of a bitch named Larry Bollinger, accidentally contaminated himself while he was working alone one

morning in this lab.” Danny’s hand tightened on Christina’s, and she stroked his head, soothing him. To Dombey, she said, “Surely you have safeguards, procedures to follow when and if—”

“Of course,” Dombey said. “You’re trained what to do from the day you start to work here. In the event of accidental contamination, you immediately set off an alarm. Immediately. Then you seal the room you’re working in. If there’s an adjoining isolation chamber, you’re supposed to go into it and lock the door after yourself. A decontamination crew moves in swiftly to clean up whatever mess you’ve made in the lab. And if you’ve infected yourself with something curable, you’ll be treated. If it’s not curable . . . you’ll be attended to in isolation until you die. That’s one reason our pay scale is so high. Hazardous-duty pay. The risk is part of the job.” “Except this Larry Bollinger didn’t see it that way,” Tina said bitterly. She was having difficulty wrapping Danny securely in the blanket because he wouldn’t let go of her. With smiles, murmured assurances, and kisses planted on his frail hands, she finally managed to persuade him to tuck both of his arms close to his body.

Also another book titled: “End of Days” written by Dean Koontz in 2008 said: “In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments. Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later, and then disappear completely.”

If you are interested in the full online version of the publication, kindly send your request through It is free.


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