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END: Lesbian pastors walk down aisle



They were led by Bishops Levi Richards and Eugene Gathers, both of the Fellowship of Affirming Ministries.

According to Gause: “My father would not come here because he does not believe in same-sex marriage, “He told me the devil tricked me into this, and that if we had been married in biblical times, we would have been stoned to death.” Read also: SHOCKING: 22yr-old wife commits suicide (see why)

Gause father, Rev. Sam Gause Sr., a Pentecostal minister who lives in Atlanta, when contacted by the New York Times, said: “Twanna, very well knows I’m not for that kind of lifestyle, I believe that God wanted us to procreate through a natural process, and by no means am I happy about this because it is unnatural,  I look at homosexuality as a mental disorder. If I start to tell you that I am an elephant, and start to behave as an elephant, that’s my choice, I choose to become an elephant. But you would probably choose to call a mental institution.”

He also expressed disappointment on his ex-wife for attending the wedding.

END: Lesbian pastors walk down aisle

“I will talk to her at some point, I suppose, if she calls me, but I will not initiate the call, I do have some words for her that she needs to hear. I’m not going to condemn her Read also: SAD: Actress dies during child-birth or judge her because I don’t have that authority, but judgment has already been established by God.”

What seems to be an abomination was the joy of the couple, Pastor Twanna Gause, dressed in an off-white wedding gown and veil ,stepped out of a limousine to meet her partner, Pastor Vanessa Brown, who stood waiting at the altar in a cream-colored long coat.

END: Lesbian pastors walk down aisle

Mary Ellen Brown, did not mince words when talking about her ex-husband’s refusal to attend.

Mary said: “He has no right to judge them, I tried to get him to Read also:47yr-old killer suspect nabbed in Lagos  come here tonight but it was a losing battle. He asked me why I would even bother showing up, and I said to him, all you need to remember is that Twanna is my daughter, and I love her, and I have her back no matter what she does

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