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If elected as President, Yahaya Bello targets raising 20m millionaires by 2030



If elected as President, Yahaya Bello targets raising 20m millionaires by 2030Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi officially declared his intention to run in the 2023 presidential election on Saturday, vowing to end poverty for millions of millionaires by 2030.

The Nigerian News Agency reports that Bello declared his candidacy for the presidency under the All Progressives Congress (APC) platform.

He said economy, security, peace and unity would be his motto as he works to create a nation where everyone is brought together, regardless of religion or tribe.

According to him, his campaign slogan is ‘Hope, Closing the Gap’ because all he wants to do is bring hope to the nation while closing the gaps in politics.

“A Yahaya Bello presidency will have an additional goal of creating at least 20 million millionaires by the year 2030, with each of them aiming to employ or otherwise empower at least five other citizens.

“In that sense, we are going to learn a lot from the southeast.

“The model child of learning, from a destitute or affluent background, is taken, trained and turned into a millionaire businessman in just 10 years, is one in which we have to study and invest.

“Harvard University is already studying it and the Nigerian Government should do no less.

“I have personally observed that this model works on average 50 percent of the time with at least five out of 10 children who were apprentices with various Igbo friends of mine who are now millionaires in their own right. ”

Bello said he had a vision of an open, inclusive, honest Nigerian government and economy and managed to operate with a human face and transparent processes.

Bello promised to consolidate the achievements of President Muhammadu Buhari, adding that he would give governors more powers in matters of security, public transportation, taxes, fiscal federalism, mineral and agricultural resources, and electricity.

“These are the legacies of Mr. President, they will help the next president to take longer and easier steps of development, as long as Nigerians make sure that their success is not to discredit but to consolidate.

“I have proven time and time again that I am the only such successor in the APC lineup for 2023.

“I am running for president because I see a bright light at the end of the tunnel for our nation. I am not one of those who only see pessimism and pessimism.

“It is my intention to take custody of that light, pierce the dark spots of our past and present with it, illuminate every gap in our nation and fix them.

“I will ensure that this light is handed over in due course to successors who will be trusted stewards of the great future that a federal government led to build for our nation.”

Bello said he worked hard as Governor of Kogi and fulfilled his term, urging Nigerians to see his achievement at, which covers his work from 2016 to date.

“Let me detail the most important qualities that I consider imperative in our next Commander in Chief, I invite Nigerians to rate all candidates, we want a country that lives up to our expectations in 2023.

“Youth: Natural strength and physical energy cannot be diminished if performance is to be elevated. I am 46 and a half years old and by God, I am fit in all physical and mental faculties.

“Courage: A clear ability to be zealously affected in a good matter and to lead with courage and foresight in pursuit of the general best interests of the people and the nation.

“Security: Proven ability to enforce Security, Unity and Peace in a vast territory with difficult terrain. Citizens must be safe in their homes and assets.

“Diversity: Our next president must have an excellent track record in successfully managing diversity. ”

Bello promised inclusion, adding that Nigerians should be able to live and contribute anywhere in the nation with the guarantee that they would not be called strangers.

He said his wish was for all Nigerians, especially young people, to live in a country where tribe, religion or gender would once again be considered a “minority”, particularly leaders who do or don’t in government.

He said that fairness, equity and justice must support government actions in the distribution of national resources and opportunities, including the hiring procedures of public entities.

He also promised that as president, all Nigerians would become stronger mentally and physically with the unshakable conviction and practical proof that they are not inferior to anyone else by any means.

Bello said his presidency, like his governorship, would be tough on crime, adding that Kogi had gone from being the state where violent crime was most endemic in 2015 to becoming one of the safest states in Nigeria since 2017. till the date.

For this reason, he said that terrorism, kidnapping, banditry and other violent crimes will not be tolerated when he assumes the Presidency and Commander-in-Chief.

He promised to follow a clearly defined strategy to expand the footprint of new technology in the nation’s economy.

He said he would establish a National Blockchain Task Force (NBT) to develop a pioneering policy for the nation on crypto, metaverse, NFT, and blockchain technology.

“I am not running for President with apologies, but with a solid track record of verifiable achievement in my current assignment as Governor of Kogi State.

“I have a proven track record in the very areas that Nigerians urgently yearn for, namely Security, Unity and Progress. Therefore, I would say that I have the academic qualifications and practical experience to be the next president of Nigeria on merit.”

The president of the occasion, Salvador Moshood, said that Bello’s presidential statement was a hope for young people, women and other marginalized groups.

Moshood therefore urged them to throw their support behind Bello for a better Nigeria and get more support from friends and family alike.

National Coordinator Senator Jonathan Zwingina said that Bello will carry on the good works of President Muhammadu Buhari, adding that although Bello is young, he has much to offer to a larger nation.

According to Zwingina, Bello is a detribalized leader with no trace of ethnic or religious difference, as he works for the good of all and would replicate it in the larger country as president.

Kogi Deputy Governor Edward Onoja, who earned a 10-point achievement from Bello’s administration in Kogi, said he was leaving a great legacy for the state.

He said that Bello dismantled criminal gangs, put an end to kidnapping and other social vices and insecurity, destroyed tribalism and religious differences and built a church in the state government house after 28 years of not having one.

He said he supported zoning the presidency, but this time the zoning had to be in favor of the youth, adding that it was time for people under 50 to rule the nation.

GYB campaign CEO Hafsat Abiola-Costello said women had been marginalized for decades and only known in political activities as singers and cooks, but Bello changed the narrative as CEO of his campaign team.

Abiola-Costello said that the nation was in the fight for its true destiny with Bello, adding that women would build the nation, and therefore encouraged women and youth to support Bello because the tie had come. of possession for them.

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If elected as President, Yahaya Bello targets raising 20m millionaires by 2030

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