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Kamoru Yusuf: Celebrating a quintessential transformer, innovator and bridge-builder @ 55



Engr. Dr. Kamoru Yusuf MON, FCSN, FNMS

Engr. Dr. Kamoru Yusuf MON, the Group Managing Director/CEO, KAM Holding Ltd, is no doubt a distinguished Nigerian, a philanthropist without no boundary, nationalist of repute, renown industrialist, a bridge-builder, fabricator, innovator, transformer, a family man, community leader, devout religious fellow, an advocate of humility, merit and excellence, a global citizen with strong passion for equality, fairness and justice just to say a little, clocked 55 years on earth on Monday 16th October 2023.

For so many years now, the great business mogul has never relaxed in searching for relative lasting solutions to the numerous problems bedeviling the peaceful co-existence of humanity which is majorly orchestrated by abject poverty in the society.

This, among other issues of high concern, is what Dr. Kamoru Yusuf is doing through massive job creation to Nigerian of different calibre and status as well as extension of Humanitarian gestures to the less privileged in the society.

He went through all the rudiments of life (within the ambits of the law) to become a phenomenon to reckon with globally as an astute manufacturer whose passion is nothing, but national interest and support towards the well-being of masses.

KAMWIRE as popularly called has his business investments deeply rooted in Nigeria with expansions across Asia continent, wherein, many associates and partners are all over the world. His major area of concern is Mines, Iron, Steel and Allied Products which is one of the bedrocks of Nigeria’s economy.

His business activities and success stories can be seen everywhere and by everyone without any form(s) of ambiguity,spanning close to three decades, providing employments opportunities for teeming Nigerians and expatriates, contributing tremendously to the nation’s Internally Generated Revenue, (IGR), providing Community Development Services, supporting Corporate and Government agencies as well as embarking on continuous industrial expansion for the benefit of nation and humanity at large.

Although, it is a truism that kings are born and not made by human-being, but Kamoru’s case further confirmed that his birth and existence in life vis a vis business development, has the endorsement, involvement and existence of God therein being a leading indigenous Steel manufacturer in Nigeria despite all odds/ economic challenges.

A multi-award recipient, the celebrant is;

Former Member of the Nigeria Industrial Policy and Competitiveness Advisory Council (Presidency)
Former Member of Governing Board of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Former Member of Governing Board of National Metallurgical Development Centre
Member of National Council of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, (MAN)
Chairman of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria Kwara/Kogi Chapter
Chairman of Basic Metal, Iron and Steel Manufacturers
Chairman of Galvanized Iron and Steel Manufacturers Association, (GISMA)
Vice President of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, (MAN) South West branch.
Honorary Doctorate of three prestigious Nigerian Universities; University of Calabar, Osun State University, Osogbo and Kwara State University, Malete as well as Concept University, United Kingdom.
Fellow Chemical Society of Nigeria, (FCSN)
Fellow Metallurgical Society of Nigeria, (FMSN)
Memeber of Order of Niger (MON)
President/Chief Executive Officer of KAM Holding worldwide.

He is on rescue mission for the masses from sorrow and wilderness of economic misfortunes, a rare gem, a man with colossus and unprecedented success stories, unique asset of Africa, a quintessential and detribalized Nigerian with soft heart.

He is no doubt, a ‘Philosopher King’ an entrepreneur who single handedly established KAM industry from a mere business to become an organization and finally to become a global institution of repute with strong pillars for sustainable growth and development.

Kamoru dislikes laziness, fraudulent acts and indolence with crude passion with no apology to anyone no matter highly placed. His language is Nigeria first, Nigeria second, Nigeria third and Nigeria always. He buries all his personal desires and prides to glorify God and support for the masses through his business investments. His faith in God is strong and always active with lovely family and dedicated workers in his life.

He relates with all his workers like family members and they also enjoy his warmth approaches towards them, not like a boss, rather, like a friend, brother and father to all. Keep the flag flying sir.

May this day bring about renewed God’s favour, kindness, protections, breakthrough, success, preservations, fulfilment, accomplishments and peace of mind to you as you mark another milestone in the annals of your existence on earth.

Engr. Dr. Kamoru Ibitoye Yusuf MON, FCSN, FNMS is living and for others to live and survive through is unflinching, relentless and tireless efforts for the nation with his God-given and exceptional talent.

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