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Kwara Govt secondary school without classrooms



Kwara Govt secondary school without classrooms

Residents of Alagbado Community in Ilorin South Local Government Area of Kwara State are at a loss on where to take their children and wards in Senior Secondary School classes, on the resumption of a new academic calendar, come September 17 this year.

This is because the structure presently being used to accommodate Senior Secondary School students in the community has only five classrooms all occupied by two hundred students of senior secondary school students one (SS1).

Interaction with some members of the community revealed that the government-owned secondary school began academic work in the 2021/2022 session.

Until then, senior class students in the community, which is made up of fifty-two other communities, have to travel long distances to attend classes.

In an exclusive interview, one of the leaders in the community, Alh. Isiaka Omotayo Ibrahim gave a background to how the only structure used for public senior secondary school came to be.

According to him, the facility now referred to as Sobi Alagbado Senior Secondary School was originally a project for a Skill Acquisition Center by the Federal Government and abandoned in 2018.

Kwara Govt secondary school without classrooms

Alh. Ibrahim

Alh. Ibrahim further explained that the structure is already overstretched.

Alhaji Ibrahim maintained that the idea of establishing a Skill Acquisition Center for the community would have been rejected if residents had been carried along before the commencement of the project as the pressing need of the community is a befitting senior secondary school facility.

“What we are saying is that before you can give us a project, you need to ask of our need,” Alhaji Ibrahim said.

A tour around the facility not only confirmed the explanations provided by Alh. Ibrahim, it also revealed more about the school structure.

Resting on a tree right in front of the facility is a wooden post showing the title of the project, the name of the contractor, and the name of the client.

Kwara Govt secondary school without classrooms

The information written on around sides of the board confirmed that the facility was indeed meant for a skill acquisition center and that the project is a constituency project approved by the Federal Government.

Further speaking on how they were able to secure the facility, he said “the community requested for school, and they confirmed from us if we have land. We don’t have land, but we have a skill acquisition centre. We had to go through the mandate to confirm what was going on.

“The contractor they owned them money and anytime from now they will come back to the site.

“But based in this, can we use the facility,  and nobody stopped us from using it.”

A closer look at the structure revealed that the ceiling is yet to be done, what serve as the windows, are net.

There are signs that pipes for toilet and water facilities were laid and a borehole was sighted in front of the school, but no overhead tank was seen around the premises.

This revealed that the building used by the community is an ad-hoc arrangement by the community to cater to children that completed their junior secondary school education in the area.

The school environment is also unsuitable for learning, social activities, and mental development as the students are exposed to harsh weather conditions which threaten learning activities.

He further explained that the window nets, the seats in the classrooms and the only toilet facility used by the thirty -two teachers deployed by the State Government to the school, were provided by the community.

Kwara Govt secondary school without classrooms

Kwara Govt secondary school without classrooms

The response by Alhaji Ibrahim on the toilet facility explains the reason for the human waste seen littered behind the school premises, no doubt people have to obey the call of nature.

Of course, to the community, the abandoned skill acquisition center project was a blessing as the facility was approved for use as a senior secondary school by the State Government due to efforts of the community.

“All these demarcation and windows you are seeing was contributed by the community from their pulse, including the chairs for students and teachers,” he noted.

This has, however, become a dilemma as the structure can no longer accommodate more students than it already has.

Speaking on the issue, a stakeholder in the community fondly called Baba Correct and also a facilitator of the only public primary school in the area, gave his account on the efforts made by the community to sustain educational development through self-help.

Kwara Govt secondary school without classrooms

Baba Correct

“We don’t want Our children to suffer like our fathers. There is no school for children in this community. And we didn’t want them to treck very far through bushes to the nearest school, because of impending danger of kidnapping all around. May we not fall victim of evil.”

Further speaking,  he said, “so I called community meeting, believing by the grace of God we will have school in this community. I also facilitated the first electricity in this community”

Baba Correct explained that the Junior Secondary School structure in Alagbado is being run in a rented facility and that the arrangement is also been threatened as the owner of the rented apartment seek to terminate the contract.

“We rented a nursery and primary school building, which served as facility for Junior Secondary School. We paid for it on monthly basis, but the owner got tired of us and ask us to return it.”

Further interactions with the community members revealed that the government has also made effort to give the community a befitting junior secondary school.

However, what now stands in the approved location for the junior secondary school is a block of two classrooms and offices which now accommodate students in JS 3.
Kwara Govt secondary school without classrooms
Kwara Govt secondary school without classrooms

Although there are many issues bothering the minds of residents of Alagbado Community, their major concern now is where to accommodate the incoming SS One students or where to move the SS Two students when the academic session begins in less than a month now.

In the words of Malcolm X, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

How can this be achieved if the education facilities of the Alagbado community are in Jeopardy?

This form of non-structured educational system will not only collapse with time but also produce semi-educated persons which will, in turn, be a problem to the development of the community and the nation at large.

As it stands now, the community is willing to agree with the government and as well proffer a solution to speed up their educational infrastructure before the 17th of September 2022 when school will resume.

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