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Kwara Muslim group speak tough on Hijab saga



Kwara Muslim group speak tough on Hijab sagaThe Kwara State Muslim Ummah has condemned in totality the use of falsehood, tissues of lies and fabrications by some Religious Bodies and individuals to fight illegal course describing it as irreligious, shameful and un-Godly.

Reacting to the Kwara CAN Press Release on the criminal and murderous acts committed in Ijagbo on Thursday last week, the Kwara Muslim Ummah stated that thugs were used by agents of CAN to kill and maim innocent Muslim  Parents, Guardians and students at Oyun Baptidt High School Ijagbo on that day!
It described as provocative and falsehood the statement by Kwara CAN that had no agreement was reached with the State Government on ‘the use of hijab in their schools”; adding that the Schools being claimed by Kwara CAN are Public Schools owned KWSG and run with tax-payers money!
According to Ummah, instead of using criminal activities to contest ownership with the KWSG, Kwara CAN should pursue legally their cause in the Court of law instead of turning Oyun Baptist High School Ijagbo to their next battle ground  after failing woefully in Ilorin – describing CAN’s criminal activities as unpatriotic, irreligious and condemnable.
In a Press Statement issued in Ilorin today by a Leading Member of the Kwara Muslim Ummah Sheikh Abu Sheriff on behalf of the Organization, the Organization  warned Kwara CAN to stop disturbing the public peace by causing trouble in Kwara State.  Instead of using the civilised and legal means to pursue it’s illegal cause, CAN should pursue its case in the Supreme Court (if any) the Organization maintained.
Sheikh  Abu Sheriff who doubles as the Chief Missioner of Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria in Kwara State questioned the falsehood being spread by Kwara CAN that Courts were yet to deliver judgement on its suits filed since 2013; pointing out that no judgement was outstanding in Kwara over Schools ownership and use of hijab in Kwara State; adding that Kwara CAN lost its case in 2016 at Ilorin High Court and lost for the second time in the Court of Appeal in 2019.
The Organization stated that, the State Government’s stands on the rule of law by reopening the 10 Public Schools being claimed by Kwara CAN  as the Court of Appeal in its judgement described Kwara CAN as ‘medulous interloper’ who had no business in claiming any the Schools under reference, as such a Body is unknown to the law.
Having re-opened 10 Public  Schools in Ilorin bearing the names  of their Former owners based on the Courts judgements with female muslim students using hijab, it is unpatriotic and irresponsible of any group or individuals under whatever  guise to turn OBHS Ijagbo to battle-field for fresh crisis!
Kwara Muslim Ummah condemned the Kwara State Government for allowing criminals to take control of Kwara at OBHS where dangerous weapons were freely used to pursue innocent Muslim parents and students at Ijagbo – warning that perpetrators of crimes must face the law otherwise the consequences of State Government inability to enforce the law and its circular on freedom of worship and movement would backfire on them. The Organization said it had warned the KWSG over three weeks ago when some miscreants were turning back Muslim students from the gate of the School but the Government did nothing until the thugs sponsored by CAN invaded the School.
While appealing for peace and calm, the Organization said it awaits without further delay the arrest and prosecution of criminals that committed murder and maiming of innocent parents and students in the School adding that Kwara State Poluce Command demonstrated bias, incompetence and ineffectiveness in the whole saga.
It would interest the general public to know that apart from Mal. Habib Idris that was mercilessly killed by rampaging thugs of Kwara CAN, several muslims  numbering about 15 were seriously wounded and uptill now the Kwara State Police Commissioner Mr, Tuesday Assayamoh has refused to talk to the Press in a crisis  that recorded casualty.
The Kwara State Muslim Ummah therefore call on the Inspector-General of Police to take necessary action without further delay as muslims who constitute more than 80% of Kwara State population cannot be so humiliated, persecuted and terrorised in this manner without the Police doing the needful.
Islamic Scholar/Member of
Kwara Muslim Ummah
8th February, 2022
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Kwara Muslim group speak tough on Hijab saga

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