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Late Sam Nda Isaiah

The Publisher of a foremost National Daily -in Nigeria – THE LEADERSHIP Mr. Sam NDA Isaiah,  bade the world goodbye last Friday night – 11th December, 2020 at the age of 58.. He was in the office a day before his death and even participated in the launching of a publication newly introduced by his Media Publishing Company.

As a Media Mogul and real Professional in Pharmacy, the deceased was an exceptional Personality in many ways. He was a politician with a difference, The Motto of his Newspaper is FOR GOD & THE COUNTRY. This has a lot of positive meanings as his Newspaper THE LEADERSHIP is known to be free from political, religious and ethnic colouration thereby standing-out among its peers which are known for partisanship in certain areas. 

By its  qualities, THE LEADERSHIP established and nurtured by Sam Nda Isaiah remains unbeatable as a foremost National Daily of a difference that promotes unity, peace, stability, development,  progress of Nigeria and its people with no trait of partisanship or parochislism whatsoever.

Late Sam Nda Isaiah though a Christian, has won the hearts of members of the Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria (MMWG) as his patriotism for greater and peaceful Nigeria was excellent. This reflected in his public speeches, action and what his Newspaper stands for. He was a politician who did not join the bandwagon of praise-singers for political reasons nor condemn based on political or religious parochialism. He was down-to-earth in his desire for peace, religious tolerance, good governance and welfare for all especially the down-trodden masses of Nigeria.

His was a glorious exit in terms of character  and virtues. We therefore commiserate with his immediate family members, Management and Staff of  Leadrrship Publishing Company, the Newspaper Proprietors’ Association (NPAN) and Media Industry at large on the sudden demise of this great Nigerian.

With Sam Nda Isaiah’s exit, it is our hope that THE LEADERSHIP Newspaper will immortalised his name by standing firm on the glorious path he maintained till death by not deviating in anyway whatsoever as the deceased was a ‘Jewel of inestimable Value’

Sam Nda Isaiah’s sudden death is a warning to all – that if fine, gentle, humble and lovable personality of his calibre should depart suddenly this way, those engaged in materialistic and desperate pursuance of enviable positions illegal wealth for personal and selfish interests must have a rethink by re-directing their minds on how to pursue goals of living for God and humanity for the benefit of here and hereafter.

Adieu – Late Sam Nda Isaiah – An Outstanding Nigerian  of great values and virtues!

Ibrahim Abdullahi, FCIPM
National Coordinator,
Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria (MMWG)

13th December, 2020 CE /  20th  Rabial-Thani, 1442 AH

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