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As Muslims the world-over celebrate Maolud-Nabiyy today, the Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria wishes the entire Nigerian Muslims happy celebration; we however wants to draw the attention of the Federal and States Governments as well as the Nation in general to the followings:


The unfortunate renewal of senseless attacks and killings of innocent Nigerians in the North-East is worrisome. Several attacks leading to death in Borno and Adamawa States have continued to feature even after  the ‘demolition’ of Boko-Haram insurgency. The pockets of skirmishes being reported of serious deadly attacks leading to massacre of muslims in Mosques during regular prayers, and bombing of some soft targets call to question the socalled defeat of Boko-Haram insurgency.

While commending the Military for their gallantry so far, President Muhammad Buhari should urgently re-direct them to re-design and re-mobilise the Military with specific concern for security intelligence to stem th tide of this heinous crime of killing innocent people.  It is unfortunate that the whole of North-East has again be focused by the insurgents with renewed criminal bombing activities in Adamawa, Borno and some other parts of the Zone. The recent killings in the two states mentioned is a pointer to the fact  that we have to wage relentless war to achieve our desire of  cleansing the Country of Boko Haram insurgency.


The Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria has noted unfortunately that the Federal Government has not demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that it is capable  of handling the above crises diligently to achieve success of curbing the excesses of ethnic and religious militia as well herdsmen criminalities in various parts of the Country.

We wonder how our Nation’s Security Intelligence Network works which made them not to predict evolving crises to the extent that communal clashes and attacks leading to several deaths occur uncontrollably and attackers go scot-free as if we are in ‘Banana Republic’.

Little wonder therefore that the deadly attack in Numan – Taraba State alledgedly executed by a Group of religious militia against Fulani Muslim Settlements of Kadamti, Kikam, Gumara, Shawal and Shafaran on Monday 20th November, 2017 went unreported. This was an attack that  reported ly left over 30 women and children dead with several cattle killed. The herdsmen retaliation that was amplified never give a damn to the earlier incident. Both incidents are avoidable if our security apparatus engages in proper intelligence-gathering,  process the report and execute preventable measures that could nip crisis in the bud. When all these are not being done, how do we expect peace to reign in our  domains.

We there call on Federal Government to direct its Security Agencies to more pre-emptive in crime prevention and be more combative in  arrest and prosecution of  perpetrators of crimes; as lack of arrest of ethnic, religious and criminal herdsmen has been reponsible for the crime to fester.

Again, there appears to be a systematic approach by some christian minorities of the Northern parts of the Country to gradually eliminate muslim majority as manifested in the massacre of innocent muslims in Manbilla Taraba State and Kajuru in Kaduna State.

The FG has enormous rssponsibility to investigate this and checkmate ethnic and religious militia using religion negatively to perpetrate evils such as murder and arson. Both Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ (Prophet Isa) came from the same God and preached worshipping of the same God. What business has anybody to fault anyone to the extent of creating hatred for one another? This means that they are using religion negatively and for selfish interests.



Nigerians must have heard of the attempt being made by Gov. Ayodele Fayose to purchase Xmas clothes for Ekiti State children in Primary Schools to celebrate this year’s Xmas.

This misplaced priority is being planned for Ekiti State that has not less than 35% Muslim population. If Xmas is the birthday  anniversary of Jesus Christ and is a christian occasion, purchase of Xmas dresses for muslim and christian children or children only becomes illegal and unlawful in a multi-religious Country of ours – called Nigeria.

Section 10 of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution states ‘ Nigeria shall not adopt any religion as State religion.’ Any Government that attempt to do what Fayose is planning to do  is embarking in act of illegality. We therefore call on Gov. Fayose to drop the idea as no dresses are provided for muslims children in Ekiti State as we celebrate Maolud-Nabiyy today.

What Gov. Fayose should do is to pay the arrears of backlog salaries he owe public servants, teachers, LG workers and pensioners who are being owed for several years gratuuties and several months of unpaid pensions.

Nigeria should by now realise that we need a law that will  compel public office-seekers elected on appointed to undergo holistic medical check-up including mental stability tests to confirm their suitability for office. This test should be repeated annually to regularly assess their suitability for their offices.

This becomes imperative as some Public Office holders especially Governors, Ministers and some Chief Executives get carried-away by their positions and embark on irrational and irresponsible projects to the detriment of more important and more valuable projects that would serve the masses.

During the last Regime of GEJ, a Minister bought a bullet-proof car for herself  worth N240 million from the coffers of a Parastatal under her Ministry. She got a sack from her Boss for that due to public out-cry… This same Minister is now a Senator today! What type of a Nation have we found ourselves?

Another example,  is that of a  Governor in the South-East, has expended billions of Naira in errecting statutes of people including some leaders of questionable characters whose citizens  are involved in killing of Nigerians like animals day by day! What is the commonsense in that?

Finally, MMWG therefore warns Fayose who had attempted demolishing Mosques in Ado-Ekiti – the State Capital for no just cause but disgracefully failed in that bid; not to actualise his Xmas dresses’ Agenda otherwise he would  be seriously challenged. Rather, he should pay the suffering workers and pensioners of his State and abandon his christianisation Agenda.

Ibrahim Abdullahi, FCIPM

National Coordinator

Muslim Media Watch Group of  Nigeria

12th Rabial-Awwal, 1439 AH

1st December,  2017

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