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NGO to build 5, 000 houses for less privileges in Kwara



By Arowona Abdulazeez

A Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), Africa Nations Development Program (ANDP) is to build 5, 000 two-bedroom houses for the less privileged people of Kwara.Estates

Africa Director-General (DG), of the ANDP, Amb Samson O. Omojuyigbe made this known in Ajase-Ipo, Kwara in an address delivered at the ground breaking ceremony of the project.

The DG said ANDP is a subsidiary of world nations Development Initiatives saddled with the responsibility of building new cities in remote places for the less privileged in the society.

According to Amb Omojuyigbe, the project which will cost the sum of N78b will include Primary school, International school with full boarding facilities, hospital with staff residence and police station with barracks.

He said the new city will have ultra modern shopping mall, international farmers’ market, electricity, churches, mosques, community hall, fire station, petrol station, sports arena and Green areas.

Ambassador Omojuyigbe added that the two-bedroom houses, when completed will be given free to beneficiaries that are less privileged in the society.

Ambassador Omojuyigbe added that the two-bedroom houses, when completed will be given free to beneficiaries that are less privileged in the society.

“Consideration for the beneficiaries will be devoid of bureaucratic bottleneck but solely on the basis of scientifically proven method of distribution to the rightful members of the society who deserve to own one free of charge.

“No interference of any sort will be accommodated as the sponsors expect that this be done with the fear of god and acceptance of all right-thinking members of the society,” the DG said.

Omojuyigbe therefore congratulated the people of Kwara for being proud beneficiaries of the project.

“This project is the sole initiative of the ANDP and will not cost the State Government and funds beyond moral support and the provision of the enabling environment conducive to the successful implementation of this effort.

“The State Government can find other areas to commit the scarce resources available to it because this one is going to be fully sponsored by the ANDP,” he added.

The DG added that 50 African countries will benefit from the new city projects with the resultant aim of alleviating poverty on the soil of Africa.

“Poverty is seen as a complex phenomenon, which is indicated in the inability of man to feed, provide shelter for himself and family as well as be able to function effectively in a given economic environment.

“By all shred of imagination, majority of Africans fit ingloriously into this sphere of the social strata, where it is difficult to survive.

“Being poor, therefore means not having access to the minimum required to function adequately as a responsible member of the society,” Omojuyigbe added.

The DG declared that the desire to turn things around for the less-privileged in the society was the driving force behind the sole initiative of the ANDP.

In his address, Gov Abdulfatah Ahmed described the occasion as opportunity to uplift the people and bridge the housing deficit in the state.

“As you are aware, housing plays a major role in the socio-economic well-being of all citizens.

“While housing is often ranked second on the hierarchy of needs, it is unarguably a paramount requirement for the welfare of individuals and communities as a whole.

“Not only is housing a key marker for any community, it also plays a significant role in peace, security and development.

“It is perhaps for these reasons that the Nigerian Constitution mandates the Nigerian State to as a matter of public policy provide suitable and adequate housing for all citizens,” Gov Ahmed added.

The governor said his administration will continue to innovate housing policies and partnerships designed to provide affordable mass housing to as many citizens and residents as possible.

“It is for these reasons that we are pleased to partner ANDP for this mass housing project, aptly described as New Cities In Remote Places for the less privileged,” Ahmed said.

The Governor however expressed gratitude to ANDP for agreeing to spread the construction of the houses across the state instead of the one location.

He said the houses will now be built in Ajase-Ipo with 500 housing units, Offa; 500 units, Ilorin; 2, 000 units, while Osi, Share, Ilesha-Baruba and Lafiaji will have 500 units each.

“There is no doubt that this will bring great succor to the beneficiaries, ultimately, new towns will be created which will enhance the socio-economic conditions of beneficiary communities.

“An additional benefit is that the construction of these housing units will boost local economies, provide job opportunities for artisans such as carpenters, bricklayers, electricians, plumbers and other allied professionals,” he added.

Ahmed expressed hope that the project will stimulate commerce, put more money in circulation and provide greater economic empowerment for the less privileged.

“The New Cities in Remote Places Programme will additionally open up these communities and reverse rural-urban migration in line with our drive to make development uniform.

“At this point, let me put on record the cooperation we have received from the beneficiary communities for this project,” he added.

The Governor therefore urged the leadership and people of Ajase Ipo and those of other benefitting communities to continue to embrace and fully support the state government and the ANDP in the implementation of these projects.

Earlier in his welcome address, ANDP Country Director, Thomas Ajikwa said ANDP has been doing policy and development works in Africa since 2011.

He said ANDP has been working with the less-privileged, indigents and excluded people in Africa, promoting values and commitment in civil society, institutions and governments with the aim of achieving structural changes in order to eradicate poverty in Africa.

“We work in partnership with Governments and local communities by supporting a number of projects and policy influencing initiatives.

“ANDP is among the leading NGOs promoting poverty focused strategies and programs.

“There is a wide gap between the rich and the poor, unfortunately, there is no laid down programs to directly cater for the less privileged,” the Director added.

Ajikwa said ANDP has come on board to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich by providing 5, 000 homes with other infrastructures and amenities.

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