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Gov. Ahmed presents N 135.3billion 2017 budget……. Read full address





Gov. Ahmed

Gov. Ahmed

Mr. Speaker,
Honorable Members of Kwara State House of Assembly. It is with great honor that I present the 2017 Appropriation Bill for your consideration and approval.
The 2017 Budget proposal seeks to sustain and consolidate on the gains of the 2016 budget which sought to ensure that all on-going projects and policy commitments are fulfilled.

However, Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members, the 2016 Budget was implemented within the context of serious economic challenges in the country, on account of the persistent fall in crude oil prices with its consequent negative impact on federal allocation.
In spite of these lingering challenges, we continue to meet our obligations to the people through frugal spending, a focus on people-focused programs and innovations in revenue generation.

Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members, I am aware that this year has been a difficult one for individuals, families and businesses in Kwara State. I am determined that despite the current challenges, and based on the proposals I am presenting today, we will be able to put food on more tables, money in more pockets and more people in employment this coming year.
Therefore, the main thrust of the 2017 Budget proposal is promotion of the welfare of Kwarans by enhancing infrastructure, stimulating the socio-economic environment, boosting the informal sector and, by extension, expanding job creation.
The 2017 Budget is generally designed to diversify the production and revenue base of the State economy to deliver inclusive growth, infrastructural development, job creation and social intervention programs for the poor and vulnerable groups.
In order to realize these program objectives, we have resolved to look beyond these challenging times and explore creative ways of financing our expenditure proposals for 2017.
Mr. Speaker, Distinguished Honorable Members, permit me at this juncture to outline a brief review of the performance of the 2016 Budget.
Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members of the House, the 2016 Budget, which was christened “Budget of Sustained Expansion”, availed us the opportunity to birth new programs and projects in order to expand opportunities for collective prosperity and economic empowerment for all the citizens.
These aspirations were however challenged by persistent shortfall in the level of revenue accruing to the State Government from the Federation Account.

Therefore, the persistent decline in revenue during the year eventually restricted our capacity to implement some of the capital projects slated for the year and other people-oriented programs.
To prevent a recurrence, our administration is focusing on internal revenues within our control through reforms in tax collection and management.
Mr. Speaker, may I at this juncture, highlight some of the major achievements recorded in the execution of government programs in the outgoing financial year.

In line with our desire to further close the potable water accessibility and availability gaps in the State, the State government is vigorously pursuing the completion of the Ilorin metropolis water supply project.
In this respect, a total sum of Three Hundred and Fifty million naira was expended on the project during the outgoing year 2016 while contractors are actively at work on site to ensure prompt completion. When completed, the project is expected to increase the coverage of potable water distribution infrastructure in Ilorin metropolis by about twenty-five percent.
In the outgoing year, attention was paid to the completion of forty-eight ongoing road projects while new road projects were awarded across the State. This is in keeping with our resolve to provide and maintain good motorable roads, as well as improve connectivity with our rural communities.
In addition, the State government is currently intervening on some Federal Roads to ease the socio-economic activities of the people of the State. These include:-Kaiama-Kishi and Patigi-Kpada-Rogun Roads.
Similarly, work will soon commence on the expansion of Ita-Alamu-Ganmo/Afon Junction Road, Geri-Alimi Split Diamond Interchange and dualization of Kulende-UITH-Oke-Ose Road.
In our renewed effort to further strengthen the Kwara Road Maintenance Agency (KWARMA), a 30-ton asphalt plant was procured and installed for sustainable road rehabilitation and maintenance during the outgoing year.
In the outgoing year, a total sum of One billion, Seven Hundred and Seventy-Seven million, Eight Hundred and Twenty-Three Thousand, Eight Hundred and Seventeen Naira, and eighty-two kobo was expended as at October on various road projects in the State.
In 2016, the State government intensified efforts at sustaining and improving agricultural activities in the State by facilitating greater participation of private investors in commercial farming and agro-allied industrial businesses.
In line with this, identification and selection of lead and down-line farmers for the Off-taker Demand Driven Agriculture (ODDA) and Commercial Agriculture Credit Scheme (CACS) were undertaken during the outgoing financial year.
Under CACS, the State Government is to access a One Billion Naira loan, as approved by this Honorable House, for disbursement to qualifying farmers in the state to boost output and enhance livelihoods.
The Ministry of Information and Communication continued to discharge its responsibility of information dissemination on the programs and activities of government in order to bridge the information gap between the government and the governed.

The repositioning of the state-owned Radio Kwara, Kwara State Television and The Herald, to improve on the statutory functions and to ensure self-sustenance in the face of stiff competition, is currently ongoing. Already, new equipment for Kwara State Television has been ordered in the first phase of the repositioning.
During the year, the State Government continued to connect more towns and villages to the national grid under the electrification program. In this regard, a total sum of Four million, Nine Hundred and Nineteen Thousand, Six Hundred and Seventy-Four Naira, Twenty kobo was expended.
In addition, a total sum of Twenty-Six million, Two Hundred and Thirty-Two Thousand, Two Hundred and Ninety-Two Naira, Twenty-Nine kobo was spent on procurement and installation of transformers, electrical plant and equipment at nine locations to cater for the growing settlements across the State.
In order to enhance stable power supply to various communities in all the sixteen Local Government Areas of the State, a total sum of Seven Million Naira was spent on the injection of sub-stations and power evacuation Lines/Feeders while a total sum of Twenty-Two million, Two Hundred and Thirty Thousand, Seven Hundred and Ninety-Three Naira Six kobo was spent on the contractual obligation for the on-going projects in this sub-sector.
The provision of quality healthcare services to the people of Kwara State remains a high priority for this administration. In this respect, the Health Insurance Scheme was scaled up with the injection of a total sum of One Hundred Million Naira to expand access to efficient and affordable healthcare service delivery in the State.
Attention was also paid to the rehabilitation and equipping of Cottage Hospital, Igbaja in readiness for use. In the same vein, Eggi-Oyo-Ipo Primary Healthcare Centre was rehabilitated.
Furthermore, the State Government supplied two Industrial Laundry Machines, three Mowers and one dryer to the General Hospital, Ilorin.
In the outgoing year, the State Government in collaboration with Rotary International and Alliance for Smile hosted a medical team from USA and Australia.
The team conducted free cleft palate surgeries for One Hundred and Five patients from Kwara State and neighboring States.
Owing to the importance of Education to the overall development of the State, great emphasis was placed on the sub-sector in 2016.
As a result, the State Government provided a total sum of One Hundred and Eighteen million, Nine Hundred Twenty-Three Thousand Naira only to conduct the State Entrance Examination, Basic Education Certificate Examination, Joint Mock Examination, WAEC and NECO Examination and Senior Arabic and Islamic Secondary School Certificate Examination.
A total of One Hundred and Sixty-Two Thousand and Sixty-Eight Candidates sat for the various examinations.
Our tertiary institutions received Government’s attention in terms of Infrastructural Development which led to success in accreditation. For instance, the KWASU College of Engineering Project Phase 1 was taken to 90% completion. In the same vein, the School of Midwifery, Ilorin which got the sum of One Hundred and Twenty-Eight million, Six Hundred and Twenty-Six Thousand, Two Hundred and Six Naira, Sixty kobo only for the rehabilitation of the new site of the School in the outgoing year.
Meanwhile, efforts were made to find a lasting solution to salary delays in some of our Tertiary Institutions with the payment of a total sum of Eight Hundred and Ninety-Two million, Four Hundred and Eighty-Two thousand, Six Hundred and Forty-Eight naira, Thirty-Eight kobo to the affected institutions.
In the outgoing year, the Government, through the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development distributed wheel chairs to physically-challenged people in the State and promoted entrepreneurship among women.
Under its skill acquisition program, the Ministry trained eighty women drawn from the sixteen Local Government Areas of the State in various skills such as Catering, Knitting, Sewing and Hair Dressing.
In the outgoing year, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry sustained city beautification and landscaping of Ilorin metropolis as well as protection of the environment from erosion and other soil degradation.
This was done through planting of trees for afforestation in three locations; Ilorin, Ekiti and Baruten Local Government Areas of the State.
The State Government is currently working on reviewing the existing waste management program of the State in order improve on the removal and disposal of wastes in the State Capital.
In order to promote and encourage strong and organized Small and Medium Scale Industrial activities, the State Government continues to provide revolving loans to cooperative societies and individuals in the State.
In the year under review, cooperative organizations such as transporters, market women and artisans benefited from this revolving micro credit scheme which has grown to a cumulative N1.9b.
The Ministry also participated in trade fairs during the outgoing year to showcase the rich Agriculture and Mineral resource potentials available in the State to local and foreign investors and to promote organized Small and Medium Scale Industrial Activities in the State.

The State Government is committed to a vibrant pro-active, result-oriented and responsive Civil Service capable of dealing with emerging challenges in the overall development of the State.
In the outgoing year, apart from ensuring prompt payment of salaries and allowances of the Civil Servants, government also ensured capacity building through training and retraining of various categories of Civil Servants via seminars, workshops and conferences.

Also, Civil Servants seeking higher degrees were provided with financial and moral support. In addition, a total number of One Thousand, Three Hundred and Twenty-Three Civil Servants benefitted from the 2016 promotion exercise in the State.
Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members, we were able to accomplish all these in the outgoing financial year despite revenue challenges highlighted earlier.
As part of this administration’s effort to navigate through the current economic challenges and to ensure improved internally generated revenue, the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KWIRS), commenced operations this year.
I am happy to State that the agency’s performance in revenue collection to date has been commendable and encouraging.
Besides, efforts are being geared towards the enactment of enabling laws on various taxes and other revenue related laws that will improve revenue collection in the State and ensure that Government gets its full due from various taxes that are in force in the State.

Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members, based on the current financial realities, the revenue expectations for the coming year may not be significantly different from that of the outgoing year, especially from the Federation Account. In this regard, we intend to fully exploit the economic potentials of the State.
For this purpose, we are going to diligently exploit all potential sources of Internally Generated Revenue through the improvement of existing revenue line items while breaking new ground.
This will, however, be pursued in a manner that will not inflict hardship on our people.
Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members, the proposed 2017 Budget is christened “Budget of Introspection and Sustenance”. It is anchored on current economic realities and our determination to look inwards for sustained prosperity and development. The theme also underlines our resolve to sustain ongoing infrastructure. Therefore, the Main Objectives of 2017 Budget are:
1. To expand and improve the Internally Generated Revenue base and reduce dependence on Federal Allocation.
2. To block leakages through sustenance of the Treasury Single Account (TSA) system, and moderation of recurrent expenditure that will result in significant savings for Infrastructure development.
3. Provision of infrastructure that will deepen the socio-economic development of the State and enhance the welfare of the citizenry.
4. Ensuring job creation and inclusive growth.
In order to facilitate the attainment of these objectives, the following policies will be strictly pursued: –
i.​The diversification of the production and revenue base of the State economy.
ii.​Reduction in the cost of governance and prudent utilization of available resources in critical areas.
iii.​The completion of ongoing capital projects, especially in the areas which have direct impact on the welfare of the people.
iv.​Improved service delivery and elimination of all areas of waste.
Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members, the 2017 Budget proposal builds on the prevailing macroeconomic realities in the country as a result of the collapse in oil prices in the international Market.
In preparing this Budget, we were guided by the assumptions of the potential impact of global economic uncertainties and domestic challenges. We have therefore maintained a prudent approach to estimating revenues for the 2017 financial year in order to cushion the economy from possible fiscal shocks that may arise.
Also, the capital spending proposal is geared towards critical infrastructure that would improve socio-economic development of the State, aid private sector participation, and ultimately, reduce unemployment and poverty.
Let me at this juncture, reassure the people of Kwara State that we remain committed to implementing result-oriented policies and programs that will boost economic activity, unlock growth and create jobs in the 2017 financial year.
In tandem with this goal, the 2017 Budget proposal will consolidate on the gains of the previous year with a focus on completing all on-going capital projects and stimulating pro-people growth.

Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members, in formulating the 2017 Budget proposal, we maintained the zero based budgeting approach to arrive at our projections and based on the following assumptions as adopted by the Federal Government.
• Oil price benchmark of $42.5 per barrel
• Oil production of 2.2 million barrels per day
• Average Exchange Rate of =N=305/$
• Inflation Rate of 10.28%
In view of these assumptions and some other parameters, the Kwara State Government is proposing to spend a total amount of One Hundred and Thirty-five Billion, Two Hundred and Sixty-Four Million, Five Hundred and Twenty-Nine Thousand, Four Hundred and Sixty-One Naira only.
This shows an increase of Twenty-Three billion, Six Hundred and Eighty-Two Million, One Hundred and Fifty-Seven Thousand, Nine Hundred and Thirty-Four Naira only over the 2016 Revised appropriation and this represents 21.2% increase.
Out of this Total Budget Size, a total sum of Fifty-Seven billion, Four Hundred and Seventy-Nine Million, Six Hundred and Thirty-Two Thousand, Eight Hundred and Ninety-Four Naira only is for Recurrent Expenditure. This represents 42.5% of the total budget size.
A total sum of Six billion, Seven Hundred and Ninety- Eight million, Two Hundred and Twenty-Eight Thousand, Nine Hundred and Seventy- Five Naira only is for the Public Debt Service which represents 5% of the total budget size.
Capital Expenditure is Seventy billion, Nine Hundred and Eighty-Six Million, Six Hundred and Sixty-Seven Thousand, Five Hundred and Ninety-Two Naira only. This represents 52.5% of the total budget size.

The projected total Revenue estimate of One Hundred and Thirty-Five billion, Two Hundred and Sixty-Four million, Five Hundred and Twenty-Nine Thousand, Four Hundred and Sixty Naira only from all the available sources to the State from which the 2017 Budget is to be funded is disaggregated into the following sources:
a. Statutory Revenue Allocation (FAAC) – This is the State’s share of the Federation Account allocation and is estimated at Twenty-Three billion, Seven Hundred and Ninety-Three million, Eight Hundred and Ninety-Three Thousand, One Hundred and Seventy-Five naira only and this represents 17.6% of the total revenue estimate.
b. Value Added Tax –The Estimated VAT receipt is Seven billion, Four Hundred and Seventy-Nine million, Eight Hundred and Thirty-One thousand, Four Hundred and Thirty naira only, representing 5.5% of the total revenue estimate.
c. Other Sundry Revenue – The estimated amount of sundry revenue from the Federation Account is Seven billion, Five Hundred and Four million, Seven Hundred and Ninety Thousand, Four Hundred and Eighty-Eight Naira only. This represents 5.5% of the revenue estimate.
d. Refund from London and Paris Club Loan over deductions. This is the State’s share of the refunds expected from the Federal government on over deductions of loan from London and Paris Club. The estimated amount is Ten billion naira only. This represents 7.4% of the total revenue estimate.
e. Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) – The estimated receipts from Internally Generated Revenue is Twenty-Nine billion, Thirty-Four million, Nine Hundred and Seventy-Three Thousand, Forty-Five Naira only, representing 21.5% of the total revenue estimate.
f. Capital Development Fund Receipt/Aid & Grants – The estimated Capital Receipts from Donor/Development partners for the infrastructural development of the State is Fifty-Two billion, Four Hundred and Fifty – One million, Forty-One Thousand, Three Hundred and Twenty-Three Naira only. This represents 38.5% of the total revenue estimate.

g. Term Loan facility from Financial Institutions – This is the loan facility to augment revenue to finance the budget. The estimated amount is Five Billion Naira only and this represents 3.7% of the total Revenue Estimate.
Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, our commitment to bridge the Infrastructure Development gap in the State remains unshaken despite the present economic challenges.
In line with this determination, the state Government has devised innovative means of financing the Infrastructural projects in the State through the establishment of Kwara Infrastructure Development Fund known as IF-K, in which this Honorable House graciously passed into law recently.
The Fund is sourced from the State Internally Generated Revenue deduction of Five Hundred Million Naira only on a monthly basis. This singular act will free up money for our critical infrastructure and other social related expenditure.
In addition, we are looking at alternative financing sources for some of our projects through Public Private Partnership in the coming financial year.
The Expenditure outlay for the 2017 financial year based on the anticipated level of revenue estimate is as follows: –
a. Recurrent (Non-Debt) Expenditure – The estimated Recurrent (Non-debt) expenditure is Fifty-Seven billion, Four Hundred and Seventy-Nine million, Six Hundred and Thirty-Two Thousand, Eight Hundred and Ninety-Four naira only.
This represents 42.5% of the total expenditure estimate. Out of this amount, Thirteen billion, Eight Hundred and Forty-Eight million, Two Hundred and Twenty-Five Thousand, Four Hundred and Seven naira only which represents 10.2%, is for Personnel Costs while Thirty-Three billion, Four Hundred and Eight-Five million, Four Hundred and Fifty-Nine Thousand, Eight Hundred and Thirty-Seven Naira only which represents 24.8% is for Overhead Costs including subvention to Parastatals, Support Grants and contributions.
A total sum of Ten billion, One Hundred and Forty-Five million, Nine Hundred and Forty-Seven Thousand, Six Hundred and Fifty Naira only which represents 7.5%, is for Consolidated Fund Charges.
b. Recurrent (Public Debt Charges) Expenditure – The estimated Recurrent (Public debt Charges) Expenditure is Six billion, Seven Hundred and Ninety-Eight million, Two Hundred and Twenty-Eight thousand, Nine Hundred and Seventy-Five naira only. This represents 5% of the total Expenditure Estimate.
With the level of our recurrent expenditure outlay as mentioned above, we shall continue to evolve cost-saving measures to further drive down the cost of delivering Government Services.
c. Capital Expenditure – The projected Capital Expenditure is Seventy billion, Nine Hundred and Eighty-Six million, Six Hundred and Sixty-Seven Thousand, Five Hundred and Ninety-Two Naira only. This represents 52.5% of the total expenditure estimate.
In summary, the 2017 Budget sectoral allocation for both Recurrent and Capital Expenditures based on the main functions of the government and in line with global best practice is as follows: –
1.​General Public Services: A total sum of Twenty-Six billion, Four Hundred and Ninety-seven Million, Eight Hundred and Twenty-Two Thousand, Six Hundred and Eleven Naira only and represents 20% of the total budget size allocated to this sector.
2.​Public Order and Safety: Two billion, Two Hundred and Ninety-Seven million, Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand, Seventy-Eight Naira only is allocated to this sector. This represents 2% of the total budget size.
3.​Economic Affairs: Thirty-Five billion, Four Hundred and Thirty-Seven million, Three Hundred and Two Thousand, Three Hundred and Ninety-Three Naira only. This represents 26% of the total budget size.
4.​Environmental Protection: One billion, One Hundred and Fifty-One Million, Four Hundred and Sixty-Seven Thousand, Nine Hundred and Eighty-Four Naira only. This represents 1% of the total budget size.
5.​Housing and Community Amenities: Three billion, Eight Hundred and Fifty-Seven million, Four Hundred and Ninety-Eight Thousand, One Hundred and Six-Two Naira only. This represents 3% of the total budget size.
6.​Health: Twenty-Six billion, One Hundred and Fifty-Two million, Six Hundred and Eight Thousand, Six Hundred and Thirty-Eight Naira only. This represents 19% of the total budget size.
7.​Recreation, Culture and Religion:
One billion, Eight Hundred and Sixty-Three million, Two Hundred and Seventy-One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Six-Three Naira only. This represents 1% of the total budget size.
8.​Education: Twenty-Nine billion, Nine Hundred and Thirty-Six million, One Hundred and Seventy-Nine Thousand, Six Hundred and Six Naira only. This represents 22% of the total budget size.
9.​Social Protection: Eight billion, Seventy million, Seven Hundred and Eight-Two Thousand, Two Hundred and Twenty-Six Naira only. This represents 6% of the total budget size.
The major activities of the State Government in this sector in the implementation of Government Policies and programs will be pursued with vigor in 2017 financial year.
All ongoing Capital Projects under this sector will be accorded the highest priority to ensure their completion in 2017 financial year.
The state government will continue to accord high premium to the wellbeing of its workers in all ramifications so as to sustain the current industrial peace and harmony in the State as well as boost the morale of hardworking Civil Servants for improved performance.
More qualified youths will be engaged to address staff shortage created by voluntary retirement and resignation in some critical areas of the service in 2017 financial year.
Also, attention will be given to provision of operational vehicles to all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in the coming financial year.
At the same time necessary support will be given to this Honorable House to enhance the performance of members’ oversight functions and other assignments.
A total sum of Five billion, Two Hundred and Seventy-Six million, Seven Hundred and Six-Two Thousand, Two Hundred and Seventeen Naira only is allocated for various programs and projects for this sector in 2017 financial year.
The State Government will continue to promote agriculture as a business and provide an enabling environment for farmers while expanding the agricultural potentials for the much-desired food security and employment for our youths.
In the 2017 financial year, the following programs are anticipated to be executed for which a total sum of One Hundred and Thirty-Three Million Naira only has been allocated.
i. Procurement of agricultural machines to boost agricultural production in the State.
ii. FGN/CBN/KWSG Commercial Agriculture Credit Scheme (CACS).
Under this scheme, the State government in collaboration with Federal Government and CBN will disburse the sum of One Billion Naira only loan facility at single digit interest rate to genuine farmers in the State through CBN Anchor Borrower scheme. This will improve financing for commercial agriculture in the State for food security and agro-allied jobs.
iii. Agric. Mall – This Mall has been put in place to ensure the provision of farm input, improved seeds, and extension services are available and accessible to our farmers in the state.
The Mall will continue with its various activities to farmers and also fast-track linkages between off-takers and farmers through value chain and effective marketing strategy.
The State government is fully determined to diversify the energy sector to accommodate Public Private Partnership involvement in clean and renewable energy supply.
In 2017 financial year, the State Government will continue to improve power supply to our various communities across the State through the provision of Transformers, Electrical Plants and equipment.
However, proactive measures will be put in place to recoup the State investment on electricity assets from Federal Government which is worth more than six billion naira.
To ensure free flow of traffic in some of our 3-way T-junction Roads, comprising Challenge/Ahmadu Bello Road junction, Tanke/Jemibewon/Umaru Audi Road and Unity/Taiwo junction in Ilorin metropolis, the State Government will ensure the functionality of traffic lights in these areas in 2017 financial year.
In addition, more towns and villages will be connected to the national grid to boost economic activities of our communities in the State.
In order to beef up security in the State capital, further boost economic activities and improve aesthetics, the State Government will embark on solar-powered street lights project, “Light Up Kwara”.
The project will be funded through Public Private Partnership (PPP) over a Ten Year Period and through Kwara State Infrastructural Development Fund (IF-K). A total sum of Eight billion, Nine Hundred and Six million, Four Hundred and Seventy Thousand, One Hundred and Eleven Naira only is allocated as capital expenditure for all the priority projects in 2017 financial year.
The focus of this sub-sector is the completion of all on-going road projects in order to sustain the progress already made in the previous years. Adequate attention will also be paid to the construction of some critical new State Roads, which will link up with farm settlements, communities, educational institutions, health Centers, Industries, Tourism sites as well as some arterial/regional roads across the State.
Additional rural and feeder roads will be constructed while some will be rehabilitated.
A total allocation of Six billion, Five Hundred and Sixty million, Seven Hundred and Fifty-Nine Thousand, Seventy-Seven Naira only is voted for this sub-sector’s capital projects.
In realization of the importance of dissemination of information to the people for the implementation of Government policies and programs, the information machinery of Government will be given the necessary attention, especially the ongoing repositioning of the State-owned Media Houses.
The State Government will pursue with vigor the repositioning of these State-owned Media Houses to a logical conclusion in 2017 financial year.
In this regard, a total sum of Four Hundred and Twenty-Nine million, Six Hundred and Ninety-Eight Thousand, Four Hundred and Seventy-Three Naira only is allocated for capital projects in this sub-sector in 2017 financial year.
The State Government shall continue to sustain all commercial and cooperative programs to accelerate the socio-economic growth of the State.
In line with this objective, the State Government will continue to support Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the State with the provision of Micro Credit Intervention Scheme of Five Hundred Million Naira in the 2017 financial year.
This fund is domiciled in the State Ministry of Commerce and Cooperatives to provide financial support to small business owners who lack access to funds to grow their businesses.
Our aim is to stimulate commerce, trade and the economy of the State.
To cushion the effect of the economic hardship on the masses in the State, the state Government has allocated a total sum of One Hundred Million Naira only for the essential commodities program in the 2017 financial year.
A total sum of Six Hundred and Twenty-Eight million, One Hundred and Forty Thousand Naira only has been allocated to various capital projects in this sub-sector in 2017 financial year.
This administration will continue to sustain and maintain a clean and healthy environment for the people in the State and ensure tree planting and forest conservation in order to prevent environmental degradation.
Attention will, therefore be given to effective channelization and desilting of drainages to control floods in the erosion prone areas of the State.
The State Government will also enhance efficient waste management through the private sector participation and provision of waste management facilities for the use of dump sites management.
A total sum of Six Hundred and Forty-Six million, Nine Hundred and Forty-Five Thousand, One Hundred and Sixty-Three Naira only is set aside for capital project activities of this sector.

a.​Housing and Urban Development:
This administration’s desire is to continue to promote Public Private Partnership in the provision of houses and infrastructural facilities for its citizens and stimulate strategic physical planning and development control. In line with this objective, the under listed projects have been slated for implementation during the 2017 financial year.
(a) Neighborhood upgrading which is geared towards slum reduction and control of haphazard development thereby achieving Sustainable Development Goal of slum eradication.
(b) Construction of an office building/design studio for Ministry of Housing and Urban Development to fast track architectural and structural designs for effective and efficient service delivery.
(c) Construction of an office building for the staff of Town Planning and Development Authority to enhance good service delivery.
(d) Review of Master Plan of Ilorin Metropolis.
(e) Purchase of Survey equipment.
A total sum of One Hundred and Forty-Nine million, Four Hundred and Eighty-Three Thousand, Two Hundred and Eighty-Three Naira only has been allocated for the accomplishment of these project activities.
Water remains one of the indispensable basic needs of life. For this reason, the State Government’s desire is to continue to enhance the provision of potable water in the State in order to ensure realization of the 500 meters water access goal of the State Government.
In this respect, a total sum of One billion, Three Hundred and Eighty-Eight million, Forty-One Thousand, Four Hundred and Thirteen Naira only will be expended for the expansion and maintenance of water supply infrastructure and services in the State in 2017 financial year.
Education will continue to receive Government’s attention in the provision of infrastructural facilities to our educational institutions in order to provide conducive atmosphere for teaching and learning.
In realization of this objective, major activities planned for implementation in 2017 financial year are:-
(a) Equipping and furnishing of International Vocational technical and Entrepreneurship College (IVTEC) Ajase – Ipo.
(b) Rehabilitation and reconstruction of Schools across the three senatorial districts in the State.
(c) Establishment of Gifted and Talented School at Oke-Oyi.
(d) Construction, equipping and fitting of new KWASU College of Agricultural Science in Ilesha – Baruba.
(e) Construction, equipping and fitting of new KWASU College of Architectural and Environmental studies in Osi.
(f) Construction, equipping and fitting of new KWASU School of Business and Governance in Malete.
A total sum of Thirteen billion, One Hundred and Ninety-nine million, Four Hundred and Sixty-Two Thousand, Six Hundred and Nine Naira only is earmarked for the capital projects under the education sector for 2017 financial year.
As good health is a basic condition for the full utilization of available human resources, this administration will continue to provide effective and efficient health care service delivery to the citizens of the State.

In this regard, Government shall sustain the rehabilitation health facilities so as to make healthcare more accessible to our people, especially in the rural communities.
In addition, more ambulances will be procured to increase the number of ambulance points in strategic/locations across the State, while medical equipment will also be supplied to the State Hospitals to meet their needs.
Government will focus its attention on the development of Primary Healthcare system while improvising on prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases, especially malaria.
In recognition of the prime place that health commands in the well-being of the people, a total sum of Twenty-Three billion, Three Hundred and Twenty-Two million, Five Hundred and Seventy-Five Thousand, Six Hundred and Ninety Naira only is proposed for the capital expenditure in Health sub-sector.
Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members, while thanking you most sincerely for listening to the address, permit me to remind you of our collective responsibility for the success of this Budget.
Let me also seize this opportunity to assure the good people of Kwara State of our unwavering resolve to deliver on our priority areas and complete all our on-going projects in the State before the end of the tenure of this administration.
I wish to also thank all Kwarans for their perseverance and understanding, particularly in these hard times.
We shall continue to work hard in order to put these economic challenges behind us. With full determination and our collective efforts, we shall succeed in the desire to sustain the growth and development of our State.
I also wish to thank the various community leaders, particularly Emirs, Obas and Chiefs for their role in maintaining peace in the State.
Finally, Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members, I wish to express my profound gratitude to this Honorable House for its cooperation with my administration, which has contributed in immeasurable ways to the accomplishments recorded during the outgoing financial year.
In this regard, I am proud to observe that we have together demonstrated to the outside world that we are not only partners in progress but also hold as paramount the overall interests of the people of this State.
I thank you all for listening and wish you all Happy Holidays and a prosperous new year.
Thank you and God bless.
Dr. Abdulfatah Ahmed​
Executive Governor,
Kwara State

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