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By Mogaji Adejumo

The call came at about 10pm on Sunday night, my Aburo, Mogaji Adanla was at the other end, his message was precise, The Olubadan will like to see a few of us Mogajis by 10am this morning at the Palace.

Both Mogaji Adanla and I, went to the palace in the same car and met in sitting, two other Mogajis… One of the two Mogajis we met, however had to proceed to Oyo Alaafin to see the Iku Baba Yeye… On this same matter!

Quickly the Three of us remaining got down to business. And I will avail everyone with the outcomes, but before then, the background story.

I am sure not a few already know of the present happenings in Ibadan at the moment regarding the issue of the elevation of some Chiefs to Obaship and the elevation of some Baálès to be called and addressed as obas…
But what many do Not know is that there are many things wrong with this process as the very foundation of the Uniqueness of the Ibadan Traditional Chieftaincy Tradition has been Rocked and Destabilized!

The tendency of this purported reforms has been to put the offence of sacrilege in the same position as allowing women to come out and make a mockery of the Ololu Masquerade… It is that Bad!

From the beginning of Time, an Arole ‘Badan, a Mogaji is an Olubadan in the making, who is the owner of the family land and property. The Mogaji is higher than a Baálé, and this is so because a Baálè can NEVER EVER become Olubadan!
When a Baálè is to be appointed, it is the Mogaji who will Nominate the person of his choice, with perhaps the impute of the elders in the village to so appoint a Baálè… Now a Baálè is to then be an Oba over the Mogaji that appointed him!?? Koseleri!

I go into my ancestral villages of Adejumo, Elenu-Sonso, Aba-Igbagbo and the Baálès get up for me… So what happens now!??
Se won fe ba Aye yi je ni!??

And regarding the elevation of the High Chiefs to Obas without domains, Obas without palaces, what exactly, is the point!?
These so called Obas, Cannot even begin to appoint Chiefs of their own, and they are still meant to be Otun, Osi, Ashipa, Ekerin, Ekarun to the Olubadan and The Balogun!??

I as Mogaji, I am FORBIDDEN TO PROSTRATE to anyone, save for The Olubadan, ditto for these high Chiefs turned Obas… So I ask, what happens to the traditional greetings to the Olubadan by the High Chiefs who, by tradition MUST REMOVE THEIR HATS, and prostrate fully to the Olubadan…. How and where then, will these Obas now do the traditional greetings to the Olubadan…. With their so called crowns removed and then, they will stand to greet their monarch or what!??

Oba Ibo ni won je!?! Where are their domains!!
I saw with my eyes when we got to Ali-iwo compound, the inscription, “Alali-Iwo of Ali-Iwo”, which brings to the fore, serious questions — The present Otun Olubadan is from Ali-Iwo compound, he is also the Mogaji Ali-Iwo and if he then becomes Olubadan, who then becomes Alali-Iwo, since only a son from Ali-iwo compound can be so called!
Are we now going to be having Royal families in Ibadan!?! Koseleri!

The Olubadan Stool is by SUCCESSION AND ASCENDANCY…..!
No Royalty exists among us…!

So, us Mogaji met with The Olubadan and we bared our minds, vowing to oppose this absurdity and aberration…. Therefore we have gone to court to challenge this process, which potentially is capable of disrupting the very peaceful Ibadan Chieftaincy Traditional practice, which has made succession and ascendancy to the Stool of Olubadan, a very Enviable and Laudable process…

I am Not permitted to reveal all that transpired between us three Mogajis and our Royal Father, but suffice it to say, The Olubadan showed us his support in many ways, And in a show of solidarity, His Imperial Majesty stepped out of his palace and we all joined him in a motor ride to all the places that matter within the Ibadan metropolis, from his palace to Oja-Iba, to Oje, Itu-Taba, Agodi, through total Garden to the Secretariat, then to Bodija, Sango, Mokola, Dugbe, Oke Bola, Labaowo, Agbeni, Foko, Idi-Arere, Bode, and back to Popo – Yemoja!

I must say this… It may Not be possible for the majority of those living in Ibadan not to have heard of what happened in Ibadan today… It was Spontaneous, it was Awesome!
The reception was great!
The people trooped out in large numbers to show profound solidarity with their King.. Ibadan erupted in Loud jubilation and it was Unprecedented!!!!

By this very extemporaneous action, Ibadan Has Spoken!

We say, a Very Loud “NO”, to this aberration of “koseleri” reform, which potentially is capable of affecting the peace, energy and synergy of the Ibadan, the city that protects its own and ancient traditions….

Ibadan le mo, e o mo Layipo!

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