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By Ajayi Okasanmi

Some days ago in Ilorin Kwara State there was a news going around that some Nigerian Police Adewole Department Ilorin were out in a patrol during the rain at the middle of the night, fortunately they came across some guys in a corner of the road hiding from the rain suddenly they rope all the guys and many people saw the guys arrested by the Police…… fortunately one of the guys they arrested there was a big son of Nigerian Naval Official, the guy called his Mother on phone and told his Mama he was arrested…….. The  Mama came to Adewole Police Station and couldn’t found her son even dough he asked the officials and they lied they didn’t rope anyone, with tears the Mama called her husband the big Naval Officials and Immediately some Naval warriors were sent to Adewole Police Station to Arrest all the Police Officials including the D.P.O AND EVERYONE………. the Police Officials and the D.P.O. were almost beating to death.

During interrogation by the Naval warriors, suddenly one of the Police confess and said they already sold the guys to some people at the rate of #5,000,000,00 per person…… And the guyz is nowhere to be found till now, the interrogation is going on but we have to keep you guys updated that if Police Arrest you today please don’t think you are safe, just find a way to run…… They are your ‘worsiest’ enemy they can do anything for money…… please stay alert and when you see the vehicle coming across you just run away, ITS NOW BETTER TO BE A SOLDIERS FRIEND THAN NIGERIAN POLICE, PLEASE STAY ALERT AND DON’T FORGET TO LIKE AND SHARE FOR ALL NIGERIANS TO KNOW THE TRUTH…… THIS IS REAL…… I WILL PRAY GOD SHOULD PROTECT US FROM EVIL PEOPLE …….PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE! !!
The above story, a new version, has started trending on social media, and some gullible individuals have started sharing without a thought on its veracity, in a recent past, the story was that  soldiers invaded Adewole Police station over the same false story, the Command came out forcefully to debunk the unfounded rumour, the Army came out to debunk it ( see The Pilot Newspaper of yesterday 09/10/2017) this time around the same story of invasion is being credited to the Navy, forgetting that the Military in Nigeria is high on integrity and discipline and could not have engaged in invading police station for any reason.

On the part of the Command, it is very difficult to understand what the peddlers of this evil story stands to gain but the command is doing all within its power to arrest the bearers of this evil story which is aimed at discrediting the Force and cause acrimony between members of the public and the Police.

But the truth is constant. The Kwara State Police Command wishes to assure the good people of Kwara to disregard this story, debunk it as hard as they could and warn anybody spreading  such on any social media platform to desist as the Command will start arresting anybody found spreading this evil rumour, please.
DSP Ajayi Okasanmi is the Public Relations Officers of the Kwara State Police Command.

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