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OPINION: Nigeria’s security challenges and solutions



By Ibrahim Abdullahi

I humbly submit that the main reasons for humongus insecurity in Nigeria are:

(i) Inadequate security personnel such as policemen and women, soldiers and functionaries of NSCDC.

(ii) The matter got worsened when the President gave approval for 10,000 policemen and women to be recruited and power-tussle between IGP and Police Service Commission over the number of candidates to given to each State frustrated FG’s good intention. The matter dragged for long until the matter turned to legal battle which was resolved after 2 years but the damage had been done.

(iii) There has been no holistic monitoring of purchase of arms, ammunition and other logistics even though money are earmarked and released; making the facilities to be lacking in curbing crimes. No serious effort so far to track the fraud.

(iv) Serving security personnel of all arms are retiring as at when due without corresponding replacements.

(v) Crimes were growing without security officials and combat facilities increasing. Criminal capitalised on these lacuna and other wicknesses to clamp-!down on innocent citizens by wrecking havoc across the Nation.


(i) Federal Government must not allow any IGP to be so adamant when solving Nation’s problems like Former IGP Mohammed Adamu did. Why should Police Service Commision go to court over an issue that is not controversial! Former IGP’s recalcitrant behaviour reversed our security progress; upon all, he was not allowed to go after completion of mandatory term. Henceforth, any public officer whether in the military, police or public service who are due for retirement MUST BE ALLOWED GO, as their predecessor did. Failure of the current Accountant-General – Ahmed Idris to go after attaining mandatory 60 years of age has brought about the fumbling in the NASS where he said Ibori loot had been sent to Delta State Government. He was countered by Louretta Onochie – Presidential Adviser of Social Media communication that this was not true. How could such a person be retained in Government?

(ii) The Nation should priotise immediately recruitment of able-bodied young men and women for the police, the military and NSCDC personnels. I recommend 10, 000 personnel monthly for the police and 5000 for others for the next 2 years.

(ii) Training of the recruited should go pari-pasu with recruitment so as to be able to boast of at least 1.5 million capable policemen and women as well as in the Military for the next 20 months to secure the Nation and prepare well for the next election.

(iii) The lackadaisical attitude to prosecution of election trouble-makers in the past aggravated insecurity in Nigeria. Thugs who served as agents to politicians during elections are parts of those having ‘ field-day ‘ in criminalities in Nigeria today. These miscreants gain favour from police after being bailed from police detention by their political sponsors including serving Governors and National Legislators. This lacuna must be addressed.

(iv) The National Electoral Offences Commission needs be put together and passed to National Assembly for confirmation and inauguration quickly as many criminals abound in Nigeria pretending to be nice in the day and commiting criminal activities at night. Time has come for the Nation to identify them and purnish them accordingly.

(iv) I recommend a new Security Outfit to be known as NATIONAL GUARD to deal with issues of bandits, kidnapping and abduction for ransom. These are specialised crimes that deserves special attention for us to live in peace.

Finally, I urge top functionaries serving at the Top with Mr. President to engage him in interface from time to time to proffer these solutions and others to move the Nation forward.

Also, those who for personal and any primordial interests recommending extension of tenure for serving Public Officers in the Federal Public Service, Military, Police and para-Military Agencies such as Customs, Immigration etc must be stopped before they destroy our System further. If such recommendations are made, Mr. President should reject them.

Ibrahim Abdullahi, an HR Expert & Public Affairs Analyst writes via

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