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Dear sir,


May I out of utmost respect ask about your wellbeing the most revered leader of kwara political atmosphere. It is my expectation that using all tools of measurement you are in good shape and state.


In the same vain I want to sincerely congratulate the party and the Caucasus you lead on your victory as announced by the body saddled with the responsibility of conducting the election. It is my hope that you understand that the pronouncement doesn’t go well with the vast majority of kwarans, myself inclusive.


Your Excellency sir, at this epoch and critical period of our political journey in the state, considering the atmosphere as presented by Saturday the 18th of November 2017, I find it a point of responsibility writing this letter to you as a result of my personal respect for your personality ( intellectual prowess) and my love for the task “leadership”.


Distinguish senate president sir, verily politics is that which has in its fold the term ” DYNASTY ” separation of this term from politics in my opinion isn’t visible. So I am not one of those who wishes the dynasty fall because it exists but because it serves not the purpose it ought to serve considering our dear state of harmony growth in both human and capital development. It is pertinent I however remind you here sir that Leaders of thought in the world has since based their dynasty on ideology and thoughts. It is disheartening that the dynasty you lead as seen by kwarans lack clearcut development cum progressive ideology or thoughts. This I will implore you to be patient with me while I prove.


Distinguish senate president sir, permit me to cite sir, that in the contemporary world today with much peculiarity to the Africa continent two types of political leadership are being practiced. Instrumental and Societal leadership. It is however important I state here that kwarans, especially the youths believed the former is what the dynasty portrayed. If not Sir,

How do we explained the abject level of poverty in the state with no leader taken any measure to drive the citizens out of this mess.


Your excellency sir, It is further believed by the populace that the tactics employed by the dynasty is to inflict the generality of the citizens with suffering thereby subjecting them to the dictates of the dynasty. And in all honesty every actions and inactions of the dynasty has been pointing to this direction.


Your Excellency sir, how do one explain the scenario that has been playing out in the state for more than thirty months now, the subeb staffs, local Governments staffs, Lecturers of the state owned tertiary institutions, the keep kwara clean staffs has been languishing in pain as a result of the state Government insensitivity to their plight and suffering. Majority of them were owed six to nine months salaries,  when paid it is half salaries yet the state government goes to the media with the tales of nobody is being owed a dime. Bulk of these people expected from their leaders a message of hope and solidarity. An action that speaks more than a volume speech that they share their pains. But then none is fast coming.


Your Excellency sir, do I need to spell it out, the continuous rise in the rate of unemployment and at the top of it is the continuous rise in the tuition fees of all tertiary institution in the state. Industrial action has become a norm in all colleges of education in the state as a result of the government neglect. despite the economic challenges and the rise in poverty as a result of non payment of salary. The state Government out of sheer wickedness increased the tuition fee of the only state polytechnic. Series of peaceful demonstration has been on for three weeks before the electioneering period. Yet the state government sees it not as a responsibility addressing the students on the said increment with the intent of coming to their rescue. Rather a legal suit was initiated and the students paraded as criminals disturbing the peace of the community in the competent court of law.


Your Excellency sir, probably because your movement in the state has been restricted to and fro the airport and state government reserve areas. A tour of the state through the state will show you a war ravaged area like path. The portholes on our roads are legendary that the taxi drivers has taken it to be a point for jesting. ” koto titi kwara o fi ara bale WO eyi to wu to kosi ni” that is you checked the one you like most to ride on. The primary and secondary education are in total collapse. The women turned prostitute and the men turned beggars. The youths turned cultist and thugs.


Distinguish senate president sir, I do not know if indeed a review of the performance of every political office holder from the caucaus is being done on yearly or tenure based interval. For their has been declination in the performance of these privileged set of people. It is expected that a pace set by a previous office holders be surpassed by the succeeding office holders this in every sane climes marks development cum progressiveness. From the Caucasus differ has been the case as kwarans has been praising the previous holders at the expense of the incumbents. As worst as Moshood Mustapha was as a Federal legislator he can’t be compared to the stagnant Atunwa. Ali Ahmad was a subject of castigation while serving in the lower chamber. Kannike has already surpassed his ineffectiveness in two years. Your excellence maigida your successor rollled in with the agenda legacy continue. But today all the legacy has already being into oblivion and none others has been laid. This declination in the quality of representation is seen as a dliberate one. For how do we explain the systematic extinction of the good heads from the dynasty ( former minister eyitayo Alao) the demotion of the grassrooters ( wahab issa and gani cook) the promotion of sycophants at the expense of the competent hands like bolaji abdullahi, tunde Akanbi oniyo and the likes. This has made the good people of kwara concludes that, that is what the dynasty represents.


Your Excellency sir, kwara youth doesn’t know how much lies you are being fed with by the vultures that sorrounds you. But we are not sorry to say that vast majority of them lacks vision as to progressiveness in the 21st century. They are buntch of selfish entities who fed fat from the dynasty goodies with no intent of adding any value to the source of their wealth. It has however been a continuous question the reason as to why they are still within the fold of the dynasty. The answer provide by the majority agrees that the dynasty itself encouraged them to serve themselves and the dynasty and not the masses.


Your Excellency sir, with the current global development trend it is not expected of people like you to think given the youths a thousand naira will win you an election. So as the senate president of the federal republic of Nigeria by implication the number three citizen of the nation. The state especially the youth expected that they will feel more dividend of democracy through genuine enterpreneurship empowerment and employment. I have used genuine to indicate the fact that there has been series of empowerment for the good boys as they were called in the political campus. and not for those who have the technical ability to grow the economy of the state thereby developing it.  But no hope of such is in the air.


Distinguish senate president sir, the aforementioned points were the major considerations. Thus the conclusion that the dynasty is lacking in progressive ideology and the more reason why it needs being ousted. Hence the uproar as witness on the 18th of November 2017 during the local government election. And to all kwarans it signifies an end of an era. I do not know if your excellence sees it as such. But deep inside me I think it calls for a sober reflection from your camp.


Your Excellency sir, overwhelmingly kwarans, in specific ilorites has shown the dynasty a lot of love and passion. In return they expect a leader who cares and share their pains. And seeing it not forthcoming the people decided to revolt. As a leader I expect that you must have seen this coming considering series of protest and agitations that has been held both physically and virtually in the past. Sincerely we do expect that some changes would  be initiated. One wonders why such wasn’t the case confirming the assertion that the dynasty is retrogressive in nature.


Your Excellency sir, I have written not just to bore you with rhetorics, Rather I have written to intimate you in clear term what is expected of the dynasty you lead. It is glaring that all is not well between the dynasty and the people it suppose to lead and sees as followers. 2019, is around the corner, I think there is need for critical retrace of the dynasty step in finding lasting solution to its problem. If it is still thinking about its relevance in future kwara political discuss.


Distinguish senate president sir, may I then suggest the best way out as an ordinary citizen who has independently conduct a survey on the leadership problem in the state.


Your Excellency sir, in fixing the problem of the dynasty the first step as suggested by the survey is;

– Allowing new brains into the fold of the dynasty and doing away with the redundant entities who are just today filling a space with no any electoral value.

– Running an open and transparent system of governance by allowing people to grow to their peak.

– given room for competency and not sycophancy

– Allowing professionals in the area where needed. Education with more specification considering merit.

– create a more conducive environment and a level playing ground where all voice are being heard.

– find, identify and oust liars and pretenders around you.

– think of a way to improve the living conditions of kwarans through economic reforms and not cash inducement.

– strengthen our institutions.

– review the tax process and the channel its been directed to. Tax payers money must be felt in schools and hospitals.

– create jobs through viable and sustainable empowerments.

– At the end try being a good leader. Be a following leader and not a leading leader.


Your Excellency sir, considering all the above suggestions 2019, might still be difficult to win but will surely help a good deal. Remember 2019 is nearer delay might be difficult.


Your Excellency sir, it is my sincere hope that you will consider my points, extract the best from it. And reform the dynasty to the best level it can serve the general masses.


May I on this note wish you the best and guidance of Allah while you serve out the remains of your tenure in office and beyond that time if indeed the dynasty will survive this test of time.


Let history record this as our attempt to salvage the long built glory and image of the dynasty. Take heed as its preferable to sacrifice.


Thanks and God bless.


Tajudeen Habeeb, writes from the ancient city of Ilorin.

Can by contacted through the e-mail 08056121368.

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