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OPINION….. The Place of Nigerian Youths




By Michael Oduegwu

The future of the youths is very precious and should not be toyed with if any nation of the world must develop. I am advocating this with all sense of humility. Presently the future of the youth is under uncertainty, there should be a deliberate attempt to bring hopes and sanity among the younger generation.

It is the responsibility of government and well meaning Nigerians to articulate this objective to avert imminent danger steering on the faces of the youths.

The youths also have to possess the requisite ability in discharging their obligations effectively in other to obtain their future dreams, in a view to getting to climax in life.

This effort must be taken seriously so that the impeccable and unique understanding of bright future for our teeming youths will not be jeopardized. However it is my candid advice to government at all levels to put adequate machanism in place for the benefit of the young ones. Is also imperative for youths to be given political appointments to be abreast with mordus operandi of politics.

We have observed that most youth believe or like participating in promiscuity especially the female folks. Such attitude is not good enough because it leads to arnachy, meaning destruction of life. Justice, fairness and equity is the panacea to right up bringing of a child. The motivators are re-awakening the consciousness of the youths. We sincerely believe that our beloved country Nigeria will definitely be great again, no hope is lost. The big question is that how do we contend with some of these Herculean task ahead of us as a nation? All these issues are surmantable, if only we as a people can remain focused, committed and dedicated and believe in the unity of our nation Nigeria. Seeing ourselves as one people. Working and mapping out strategies in placing Nigeria in higher pedestal, irrespective of our ethnic, tribal, religion or political differences is paramount.

The solution to our problems lies on the younger generation if they are well positioned. Countries like Malaysia and Singapore moved from third world countries to first within a space of few years. Both countries do not have crude oil as sources of revenue, but embarked on aggressive tourism development. Apart from our oil, Nigeria is also endowed with other natural resources, but the political will to harness such potential is weak.

Therefore the motivational speakers are calling on Nigerian youths to desist from old ways of doing things and embrace new ways comparable with global best practice.

Leadership at all levels as a matter of urgency need to take holistic appraoch in re-directing the affairs of the nation. Such direction can only be taking by a detribalized Nigerian, colourless personality, a man full of vigour and that person or individual must be you. Although to be biase is one of the attributes of mankind, but it takes resilence to make the needful change. All hands must be on deck to be in control of the future. Future of hope, future of light, future of comfortability and future of peace. We should learn not to leave in another man’s dream, because such man will never be fufilled in life. How can a man live on earth and die without discovering his talent or mission of existence.

Contentment is one of the critical areas we strongly believe will bring corruption in the land to the bearest minimum, when a man refused to be contented with things around him, then some indices settles in, such as greed, convetousness and others which lead to the cankerworm called corruption that bedevilled our dear country. Self enrichment has become the order of day. It has also penetrated the blood stream of the younger generation.

However re-orientation is fundamental if we must compete with the comity of nations in terms of development.

Effective leadership is a vital component to corporate governance, which all of us should endeavour to embrace in other to attain the zenith in all ramifications.


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