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(READ FULL STATEMENT)…Mai-Jaama Campaign Organization Reacts To Attack On PDP Campaign Team in Baruten 



An arm of campaign organization of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) has reacted to the recent attack on the campaign team of the party in Okuta, Baruten Local Government Area of Kwara State .
Read full statement below:
Members and the leaders of the main opposition party in Kwara state, the APC, has been asked to  learn the standard ways of playing politics, adhere to  the  unspoken ethics of campaigns   and refrain from adopting  the  traits synonymous with  a prominent Lagos politician which is to  promote propaganda and character assassination.
The Maijamaa Campaign Organization, in a statement by its Director General, Alhaji Umar Abdullahi Shaaba, cautioned the APC members and the leaders against overheating the state polity through their nefarious activities, while asking them to get schooled in the standard ways of carrying out campaigns and selling party candidates to the people which does not according to the campaign group, in any way involve actions that can promote crisis and violence.
The campaign organization asked the people of Kwara state to be wary of giving support in any form to the APC considering the way the party leaders have conducted their campaigns.
The people in the APC have shown that they are indeed ‘seasonal politicians’ who will run away after creating crisis in the state. While the PDP  campaign team has been moving from one local government to another  telling the people what our candidates would offer them, where we have challenges on account of the drop in the federal allocation and how we are addressing the situation and  the plans for recording  improvement,   the APC , has been busy  inciting the people against the government, the PDP candidates and the PDP leaders , rather than presenting manifestoes  to the people of the state  if they have any .
Unfortunately, the motivating factor in all of the APC leaders activities and their only message has been ‘Pull Saraki Down’ while a former minister and a former senator in Baruten local government have also vigorously pursued the agenda of ‘Pull Zakari Down’ and nothing more inspite of the fact that they were associates of his late father’ the campaign group said.
The people of the state should , according to the campaign organization,  vote wisely by rejecting the APC  on account of their desperation, promotion of lies and propaganda ,  the campaign organization submitted that if the intention of the APC  leaders is to serve  and  protect the interest of the people, resorting to desperation  , blackmail  and turning themselves to  film  producers will be unnecessary.
The latest from the stable of the APC Films Production Ltd  was the video  promoted on social media   on Saturday which was meant to  create the impression that  the people of the local government  are not in support of  the PDP, the arranged film production editors chose Okuta  as the location for the recording  and in the video, some  people and children were seen shouting ‘Ole’  as  the  PDP campaign team arrived the  town .
 In analyzing the video, it was clear that the cast are non-indigenes while innocent children were innocently made to join them and chorus ‘Ole’.
In the reckoning of the APC leaders , rather than having the interest of  the state and the future of the innocent kids as one to which other interests must be subordinated, they sadly got the children involved and  gave  them  bad orientation  on the altar of  the desperation to achieve  election victory and to pursue a ‘Pull Him Down’ agenda.
Okuta is a Baruba town and though there are Yoruba speaking people among the residents, the population strength of the Barubas still dwarfs others including the Fulanis.
 In the video, apart from the voices of the innocent kids from the background, it was monologue affair as only a guy did the voicing and from the way he spoke and the threatening tone, he appeared to be a political thug.
When a man is aggrieved and lamenting, he tends to speak his mother tongue or English and definitely not the language of another   tribe and no one spoke Baruba   in their new ‘Grab Your Copy’ production.
 It is on record that the PDP campaign team simply ignored them and moved to the palace of the Emir of Okuta to pay homage before heading to the campaign venue where PDP National Leader, Dr Bukola Saraki, Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed, the PDP guber candidate, Hon. Razak Atunwa, the Kwara North senatorial candidate, Alhaji Zakari Mohammed addressed party members and supporters.
The rally was held in same town, Okuta, and it was a huge success.  It was indeed, cheer and ovation everywhere’ the campaign organization submitted.
The Campaign Organization noted that  only the PDP has presented  an indigene of Baruten as  the party’s candidate  for  an important elective position and therefore, submitted that  the people of the local government would not  under any circumstances  stand against the party he belongs.
The truth is that we were immutably resolved not to engage in any clash with them and we simply ignored all the provocative acts. We actually got them disappointed because the intention was to ensure a riotous scene which would form the scene two of the film but because there was no reaction from our side,   there was no material  for the production editors to work on’ the campaign group said.

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