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ROYAL NEWS Online Newspaper clocks 10 from scratch to stardom




The news behind the news about the unprecedented circumspectia and circumstantial birth of the ROYAL NEWS Online Newspaper, ten years ago, could be better imagined and best narrated at this auspicious time.

The justifications for this resolve abound plentiously.

First and foremost, the trajectory of the newspaper is a study in unwavering foresight, focus and forthrightness. Sharing the evolutionary and revolutionary odyssey and oddities at the beginning of the now leading Online Newspaper will also serve as a portpori of ideas to take away from this piece.

Leaving the success story of of Royal News Online untold and un-narrated is considered therefore, a crime against the lovers of this medium and the consumate reading public.

In my opinion also, it will be a great disservice to my conscience and a dishonour to the Publisher as well as to the esteemed readers who might want to navigate similar terrains on tour of duty to discover their potentials.

The big lesson for the readers who are advocates of Self -Determinism which is propelled by “Right- Thinking ” Strategic Reasoning” as well as pursuance of, of the efficacy in “Research and Development”, R&D made this write up a moral obligation for me.

Take it or leave it, there was something akin to divine intervention and ministration that conforms with the spirit and letter of spirituality that guided the trajectory of the Newspaper from nothing to something. Let me put it on record that I’m not surprised because the publisher is a devoted and committed prayer warrior.

Even though, this writer, like everyone else, has never heard, seen or known of any project that never navigated the tremors of trials before triumph and Royal News Online is not an exception.

The C.E.O and Publisher of the Royal News online Newspaper, that I know very intimately, like the back of my hands, Mallam Abdulazees Sardauna Arowona, is a believer and stickler to God’s own time to attain the envisioned pinnacles of successes in all his undertakings. He is therefore, a respecter of decency, a promoter of normalcy, and an avowed defender of Law and Order who abhors undignified and infamous practice of cutting corners in journalism and other areas.

He therefore set for the Newspaper in 2013, a very loud tone and melodious tunes to take the Newspaper to the envisaged height among its competitors. Irrevocably too, he defined and designed implementable Panasonic parameters and unwavering paraphernalia mechanisms for its corporate sustainability anchored on ethical journalism practice and untiring activism in gathering rich and timely news contents towards raising the bar of professionalism.

This highly foresighted publisher, Mallam Arowona, parades intimidating credentials and Pedigrees of uncompromising integrity, dexterity and sagacity that equipped him with the right frames of mind and tenacity to weather the storms, day and night to transform the Newspaper from the Scratch to stardom and from obscurity to National and international limelights.

Optimistically, since the ladders of success of any kind of human endeavours in life, are in stages, one will be right to say without fear of contradiction that the reputable Online paper will after a decade of its establishment will continue to climb the ladders of breakthroughs in the years to come.

What informed the optimism expressed above is because Mallam Arowona is an ardent believer in the wise old saying that, “There is no sweet without Sweat” and “No success without Struggle”. He will never take chances for granted and unexplored.

The telltale and the objectives for the birth of Royal News outfit, from inception followed the paths of promoting developmental journalism to demote and discouraged the unethical cankerworm of brown envelopes syndrome.

Also, since balanced news have become scarced resources, ROYAL NEWS chose to emplace objectivism towards kicking out “Yellow Journalism and sensationalism” that are injurious to societal peace and tranquility.

On the Modus Operandi of the royally conceived ROYAL NEWS online by a respecter of royalty who is the Spokesman of the Emir of Ilorin, Dr Ibrahim Sulu-Gambari, CFR, Arowona is indeed a game changer in the foray and forest of unregulated Social Media of our time.

Little wonder therefore, that In ten years of practice, the Publisher who is an active registered member of the Guild of Corporate Online Publishers, GOCOP, had achieved a paradigm shift in making a lot of difference among its peers in widening the scope of selfless commitment to changing the narratives without minding whose horse is gored.

Hence, he defeated all initial challenges inflicted on him by Centripeter and Centrifugal Forces threatening the jugular veins of Royal News Online to either make clear its ideological standpoints or be forced to go out of business.

Funny revelation you may say, in a free democratised World where the constitutional rights of freedom of choice by the Citizens is often infracted by seen and unseen powers.

The Forces threatening the stability and sustainability of the Newspaper came in different apparels for the proprietor of the project to either align with the Rightists or the Leftists as well as between the Progressives and the conservatives. They posed polarised ideologies for him to choose based on convictions between factual, fiction, friction and futuristic perspectives that often characterised the beginning of such solo efforts.

It was indeed a battle of wish, wit, wizardry but the indomitable will of dogged Arowona prevailed in those circumstances.

Kudos to the unassuming Publisher as he defeated blue and black the syndrome of procastinations that often delayed, derailed and eventually decayed best conceived business ideas anywhere around the World.

From the embryonic stage to the enviable status of maturity at 10, Royal News Online since 2023 can be better appreciated for its excellence service of providing unabated verifiable news and more news all around the years of its existence.

The readers friendly News delicacies from the ovum of the Royal News has become a must read and appreciated by all when it is situated within the competitive compass of the toxic Operational Environment that admits all shades of opinions, companions and all comers.

This is because of the pourousity of the wide and ungoverned prints and electronics environment in which the New Media space is enmeshed.

If one says modestly that it’s operational platform is messy, rough and tough one will be correct to hold that view.

However, the beauty and the icing on the cake of this narrative is that “It is from the black cooking pots that one extracts white pap”. Meaning “Ninu Ikoko Dudu ni Eko Funfun Ti Jade”. This is to say that despite the challenges, ROYAL NEWS continued to shine like silver linings among the charcoals.

As the management is rolling out drums and Royal trumpets for ROYAL NEWS Online, penultimate, on 7th December 2023, I recalled very apt and relevant philosophical statement to end my probono task of putting this piece together and it goes thus: “Winners don’t quit and quiters never win”.

Today, Tomorrow and forever ROYAL NEWS Online will forever be a winner. It shall never quit the the stage of publicity arena that has the easiest, fastest and widest circulatory mileage over the conventional medium.

To that extent, with this resolve, ROYAL NEWS has been institutionalised and profefessionalised to remain a winner

***Mohammad Abdulkadri Writes from Abuja

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