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Russian man mocked for not serving in army kills nine



Russian man mocked for not serving in army kills nine
The suspect Yegorov, cooling off in a police van

A man allegedly shot and killed nine people after he was mocked for not being a “real man” because he had failed to serve in the Russian army.

Police have arrested Sergey Yegorov, 45, suspected of murdering five men and four women in a drunken rage during a house party in the Tver region.

Yegorov, who trained as an electrician, was shown on his knees and handcuffed behind his back in a police vehicle guarded by armed officers.

The only survivor, a 21-year-woman, cheated death by hiding under a duvet and pretending to be dead.

In tears, her voice strained by shock, she said: “He was just a madman.

“He walked in and shot everyone. I saw it, I heard how he moved the bodies.

“I saw him finishing them, heard their last gasps for air.”

Vadim Levshin, an Interior Ministry official, said: “The suspect did not work as electrician.

“He lived in Moscow where he earned money by doing temporary jobs.

“He came to Tver to have weekend break. The crime was caused by a drunken conflict.”

Russian man mocked for not serving in army kills nine

Reports said fellow guests taunted him with not being a “real man” because he had not served in the army.

This enraged the suspect who then began to shoot, gunning down all but one of the party-goers.

Most men of his age served as teenage conscripts in the Soviet army or later in Russian forces.

He gunned down his hosts and fellow guests at the dacha – country house – using the registered weapon.

The house at Redkino village belonged to Ivan Zagornyan who was killed in the shooting, according to reports.

A neighbour Slava Savelyev was there and he was shot dead too.

In tears, Polina Smirnova, whose parents Pavel and Vera were killed, said: “I am 22 years old, and I have no other close family members.

“I was told about what happened but I still don’t know the details.

“My mum and dad, they were so young, they were not even pensioners.”

Spokeswoman for the Russian Investigative Committee, Svetlana Petrenko, said: “The gunman was detained.”

The final victim to be found was a woman whose body was in the boot of a parked car in the house.

“One of the participants in the conflict brought a gun from his house and shot dead those who insulted him and the eyewitnesses,” said a statement from the committee.

A team of investigators has been sent from Moscow to probe the case.

Source: Mirror

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