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Trump and Macron: The handshake that made world headlines



Trump and Macron: the headline that made headlines

US President Donald Trump is known for so many things he claims he does better than any one else in the world.

One of those things is that when he locks your hand in a handshake, you may end up seeing your physiotherapist. He grabs the hand so hard, that many people he encountered have had to yell out.

Today, however he met his match in Brussels. He is the new leader of France, Emmanuel Macron. He is 39 years old, about 31 years younger to Trump. Macron appeared to have been forewarned about Trump’s grip- handshake, some say , death-grip handshake. He was ready for the American leader.

According to reports, when the two leaders met, they got seemingly stuck in the handshake – possibly the most awkward in history – for almost 10 seconds.
Watch the video here:

Trump betrayed an intense alpha-male grimace. His French counterpart shot back a scowl of his own.

“They shook hands furiously – with Trump trying to pull his hand away and Macron holding onto it. Trump’s knuckles turned whiter. It was ‘Screw You’ in handshake form,” according to one BBC journalist.

It is not the first Donald Trump handshake to recommend itself as a collectors’ item. Earlier this year he managed to grip Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for an astonishing 19 seconds in front of cameras at the White House.

*Source: International Business Times

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