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More updates on MMM Scheme




The news that MMM which has been labelled a ponzi scheme, has crashed, has stirred very great upheaval on social media, even as many who have invested alot in the scheme have been reacting.
Below are reactions of Nigerians to the issue of freezing and crashing of MMM.

Nobody can freeze MMM, it will get stronger in January
Prince Emeka said: “Those that didn’t put their money in mmm are crying more than those that put their money in mmm. And I ask, what concerns non participants in mmm? you are not brave enough to take risk, still you are laughing like coward at those taking risk with their own personal money. Nigerians are so heartless, always happy to see downfall of their fellow human. #tufiakwa.
Frank Teke said: “MMM is coming back stronger by January. The single fact that the site is still accessible is enough evidence that the short break in active service is justified. A crashed site will not avail you any prior knowledge. Nigerian’s keep calm and trust God it shall be back. The reasons for the short break in my view is convincing enough for every doubting Thomas. Though MMM wil expire someday as nofin is permanent. Human life itself is temporal. Nofin lasts forever.”
Humphrey Okeke said: “MMM does not just crashed. Nigeria govt were responsible of the problems in MMM. This wicked govt already vowed to inflate hunger and hardship on poor mass Otherwise MMM is making some people to smile but govt said no.”
Victor Okhuihievbe said: “My brother woke up one morning nd told us he is going to d office which we all know he is a worker nd a bread winner of the family the next call that came to us was he had an accident died instantly we went dere took his corps and buried him now which risk is more than this? I invested in MMM a lot if they come back fine if they don’t fine kus life it self is a risk i av benefited from MMM more than this loquacious media nd this wicked APC led government who don’t care abt the poor. Leave MMM alone !!!!!!!”
Godwin Tanko was of the opinion that “MMM will come back for sure,win the ultimate confidence of its customers and eventually crash like it was in south Africa, Russia and Zimbabwe, for those people accusing government of masterminding the fall of MMM here,am sure its the governments of Russia,south Africa and Zimbabwe that also caused the downfall of MMM their too,gullibility and poverty of the mind de do Nigerians, easy money my foot.”
Victortwist Alonso said: “It will be restored and am gonna ph next week cos i don’t wanna lose the 50%. am not a scared baby like some caward nigerians because I know what mmm is. we the people are mmm not Sergei mavrodi.”
Babatola Daramola said: “What came to my mind was that,my mind told me that the news was sponsored by government.I’m sure MMM will start operation in January.”
Ebukadineze King Okoye said: “I just got paid today,people are paying, MMM will be better by jan ,no shaking.”
Kehinde Oluwadamilola Bamiro said: “Has MMM promised and failed before? Compare it to FG promises and use the result as my answer.”

Justine Kenechi Enemuo said: “Nothing is happening to Mmm, i believe the system is working effectively and I even PH yesterday when i got the news bcuz it the best time to Ph for people that understands the Mmm ideology well”
Markus Sunday said: “Hahahahahaaa! I can now see that 50% of Nigerians are mmm participants. Am not wishing it to crash but they said mmm is demonic¤ any way, just shine your eye well, well. You know all these get money quick systems do not last and the beneficiaries is always rating 20 and loosers 80 so wise up….”

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