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More Updates from US polls: Trump Vs Clinton



More Updates from US polls: Trump Vs Clinton
Donald Trump

As of roughly 0530 GMT Wednesday, Republican Donald Trump had earned 245 of the 270 electoral college votes he needs to secure the US presidency, according to network projections.

His Democratic rival Hillary Clinton had earned 215 electoral votes.

Candidates are racing to hit the magic number of 270 electoral votes, which reprsents an absolute majority of the 538 members of the electoral college, with the number from each state based on its population size.

Eight states were still too close to call including Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — all vital to Clinton’s fading chances of victory.

The others are Alaska, Arizona, Maine, Minnesota and New Hampshire.

TRUMP (245)

Alabama (9)

More Updates from US polls: Trump Vs Clinton

Arkansas (6)

Florida (29)

Georgia (16)

Idaho (4)

Iowa (6)

Indiana (11)

Kansas (6)

Kentucky (8)

Louisiana (8)

Mississippi (6)

Missouri (10)

Montana (3)

Nebraska (5)

North Carolina (15)

North Dakota (3)

Ohio (18)

Oklahoma (7)

South Carolina (9)

South Dakota (3)

Tennessee (11)

Texas (38)

Utah (6)

West Virginia (5)

Wyoming (3)


California (55)

Colorado (9)

Connecticut (7)

Delaware (3)

Hawaii (4)

Illinois (20)

Maryland (10)

Massachusetts (11)

New Jersey (14)

New Mexico (5)

Nevada (6)

New York (29)

Oregon (7)

Rhode Island (4)

Vermont (3)

Virginia (13)

Washington (12)

Washington, DC (3

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