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WARNING….. The pros and cons of eating corn



Good source of antioxidants

Corn is a high-antioxidant food. The different color varieties of corn kernels signify various types of phytonutrient combinations and nutritional values of corn. The most popular type, yellow corn, is particularly a good source of carotenoid antioxidants, especially lutein and zeaxanthin. Other types of corn supply antioxidants such as anthocyanins, protocatechuic acid and hydroxybenzoic acid, beta-carotene, caffeic acid, and ferulic acid.

High in fibre

Like all vegetables and whole plant foods, corn is a food that provides a nice dose of filling fibre, with about 4.5 grammes of fibre per cup of kernels. It has a high ratio of insoluble-to-soluble fibre, which means it has various beneficial effects on the digestive system. Read also:10 benefits of Charcoal you need to know

Insoluble fibre is the type that moves throughout the digestive system unabsorbed and metabolised, which is how it helps us go to the bathroom! And certain types of fibre, especially soluble fiber, reach the lower part of our large intestines where they are metabolised by intestinal bacteria and turned into short chain fatty acids. This is beneficial for supporting the”good bacteria” in your gut and creating a healthy microbiome.

Slowly digested source of carbohydrates

Corn is high in starch, which is a type of complex carbohydrate that supports steady energy levels. Unlike refined carbohydrates, which zap us of energy and aren’t filling for long, foods high in starch and fibre are beneficial for controlling blood sugar levels because the fibre slows down the rate at which glucose (sugar) is released into the bloodstream. Read also: Strange World: Mothers below age of 10…No. 1 will shock you most

Aside from supplying fibre, corn also has a decent amount of protein for a vegetable, with five to six grammes per ear. Fibre and protein together help fill us up better than carbohydrates alone because they stabilise the passage of food through our digestive tract and help prevent drastic blood sugar fluctuations. Plus, protein foods have their own list of benefits.

WARNING..... The pros and cons of eating corn

Scenarios to avoid eating corn

Corn is the second most genetically modified ingredient in the world (second to soy).If you’re not familiar with the facts on GMOs, they’re exactly what their name implies: organisms that have been altered genetically.

 In the case of GMO corn, the actual corn seeds are modified in a lab before being planted, with the intention of making them resistant to predators like weeds, insects and rodents. Essentially, the purpose of GMOs is to create crops that have built-in defense mechanisms against things that normally threaten them.

While for some years there were questions as to whether or not GMO foods were actually harmful, today GMO foods are linked to tumours, allergies and even earlier death. Read also: Read what Obasanjo advise Buhari to do about Nnamdi KanuKanu

A 2009 analysis published in theInternational Journal of Biological Sciencesrevealed that when mice were fed three different strains of GMO corn, they experienced negative reactions in their kidneys, liver and detoxifying organs.

The GMO corn consumption also had noticeable effects on their heart function, adrenal glands, spleen and haematopoietic system, all of which were considered a direct result of metabolic changes due to the GMO seed intake and signs of “hepatorenal toxicity,” according to the researchers.

When it’s found in other forms of processed foods

GMO corn is used to make dozens of different ingredients added to packaged, processed foods. Before you buy any food product, always read the entire food label to make sure the product is safe and generally free from anything you can’t pronounce. Also, remember that food manufacturers change ingredients in packaged foods all the time as well as preparation methods, so even things you wouldn’t suspect have GMO corn ingredients in them still might.


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