Sir Lucky Omoluwa

The Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle Communications Limited, Sir Lucky Omoluwa, has called on Christains to emulate Jesus Christ by imbibing the core lessons of love, tolerance, sacrifice, honesty and peaceful coexistence which Christ stood for.

He stated this in his Christmas message to Nigerians urging them them to shun tribal and religious sentiments as well as hate speeches which the Holy book vehemently guides against.

ROYAL NEWS reports that Omoluwa, who is also a major stakeholder in the digital implementation of Digital Switch Over (DSO) from analogue television broadcast in Nigeria also stressed the need for Christians to follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ by doing good to all manner of persons as Jesus Christ did.

He further confirmed that, “with the full implementation of the digital switch over, Nigerians are now more enlightened and more knowledgeable about happenings in their environment and beyond.

According to him, “Let Christians not to forget the teachings of our Lord to love our neighbours as ourselves and embrace peace, love and tolerance of one another as well as remember the humility associated with the birth of Jesus Christ.

“They should continue to live harmoniously with their Muslim brothers and sisters. This remains the panacea to ethno-religious upheaval and that Nigeria will only grow to a highly beneficial economy especially if religious organizations play their roles as commanded by God.”


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