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Yoruba Community to get Oba in Canada— Oluwo



oluwoThe Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale, has announced that Yoruba community in Canada may soon have traditional ruler to further promote the race.

Oba Adewale stated this while addressing members of the Yoruba Community Association at an interactive meeting held at Thistletown Community Centre in Toronto, ROYAL NEWS has gathered.

According to him, “I have a special package for you today.  As one of you here before going to Nigeria to become an Oba, I want to install a Yoruba Oba here.  I have the consenting authority to install an Oba for the Yoruba community in Canada,” Oba Akanbi, who was voted thrice as the Best King in Nigeria within one year in office, declared.

Also at the meeting was the YCA President, Chief (Mrs.) ‘Sola Olubunmi. Oba Adewale added that he may begin the process with the installation of Baale, who will eventually be upgraded to Obaship status.

The traditional ruler explained that after the installation of the king, there would be provision for the monarch to appoint his baales (municipal heads) and chiefs.

He declared: “I have 32 kings under me in Iwoland where I am the consenting authority to the stools.  So, I am a consenting authority to install kings and I can do that here in Canada as one of you.”

“The Oba will be approved by me, duly signed and registered in Nigeria with certificate.  I will forward the approval to the Governor for ratification of the Oba and the Governor will agree to that,” Oba Akanbi, who spoke mainly in Yoruba language, stressed.

The monarch pleaded for unity among the Yoruba indigenes in Canada in the choice of the right candidate, when the time comes, adding that the person must be chosen on his contributions to the Yoruba community.

“The choice of the qualified candidate will be based on what the person has done for the Yoruba community and who can move the community forward,” the royal father stated.

Contrary to being labelled as a controversial traditional ruler, Oba Akanbi said that his decision to challenge the status quo led to such description.

“Oluwo is not bastardizing Yoruba culture, he is trying to rectifying it, particularly the status quo,” Oba Akanbi, who said he had facilitated a university to Iwo and rehabilitated a major road in his domain, told the gathering.

The traditional ruler expressed opposition to the use of human beings for sacrifices in Yorubaland, saying that such attitude at this modern age is barbaric and should no longer be allowed in the society.

“You should be able to challenge the status quo particularly as some of you have been exposed to modern life here in Canada.  Worshipping of idols is not part of our culture and I can tell you that there is no religion that demands for the sacrifice of human beings,” he declared.

The monarch stressed that statues were made in the olden days to represent human beings since there were no opportunities to keep pictorial memories of the people, particularly those who went to wars.

According to him, such effigies should not be revered as doing so, particularly by a traditional ruler, is descending so low in authority to lesser gods.

He also stated that the tourism industry in Nigeria refused to grow due to the identification of the nation’s tourist sites to particular religions.

“How can we develop tourism when our tourist sites are identified with certain particular religions?” Oba Akanbi said, adding: “For instance, Osun Osogbo would have grown more than that if not that it is being identified with a particular traditional religion?”

He further said: “We have to change our approach to make our kids appreciate our culture.”

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