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Young lady looking for man who can last several hours on sex



A young lady has taken to the social media requesting for men who can take through several hours of sexual satisfaction.

She added that such move will assist her in curbing her addiction to ‘Dildo.

According to her, she doesn’t get satisfied with the natural thing. It appears she needs a man who could sleep with her for several hours.

She said:

“Hi Joro. GD a.m. have an issue bothering me. Am addicted to dildo. Have use all size and shape. Up to size 10 12 inch. It do take me 1 hour plus to cum. Sometimes the battery will die. I have buy extra battery. Most men will 7 minutes and sleep. I have not found a man who can challenge my love in Size and timing. Was reading something online that therapy or so can help me stop. Because I will not stop. Most men have mouth to brag but can’t do 2 hours on sex. Me I need 2 hours almost to cum. Are there men out there for me?”

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