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Journalist missing in London bridge terror attack



Journalist missing in London bridge terror attack
Geoff Ho: journalist still missing after London Bridge attack

The friends of a journalist, Geoff Ho, who was stabbed in the London terrorist attack are sending messages on social media in a bid to find him.

Friends have tweeted that the business editor with the Sunday Express was put in an ambulance after being injured near the Southwark Tavern.

Isabelle Oderberg tweeted: “One of my best friends is missing in London.

“We are looking for him. We know he was stabbed and in an ambulance. We need news.”

Nora Calder wrote on the social media site: “Geoff Ho, stabbed at Southwark Tavern, taken in Ambulance.”

The Metropolitan Police has opened a casualty bureau for anyone concerned about friends or relatives who may be affected on 0800 096 1233 and 020 7158 0197.

Witnesses have shared chilling accounts from the suspected terror attack in London, with some reporting a man yelled ‘This is for Allah’.

Three terrorists were shot dead after killing at least six people and wounding 30 others during a bloody stabbing rampage that began at London Bridge.

Journalist missing in London bridge terror attack

Attackers mowed down pedestrians in a van before stabbing people near the Borough Market.

One witness told BBC the attackers were running towards people and yelling “This is for Allah”.

Other witnesses have described seeing the men wielding large knives.

“I saw a man in red with quite a large blade, I don’t know the measurement, I guess maybe 10 inches,” a witness told BBC Radio 5.

“He was stabbing a man … he stabbed him about three times fairly calmly. It looked the man had maybe been trying to intervene but there wasn’t much that he could do he was being stabbed quite coldly and he slumped to the ground.”

The witness said the attacker then walked off “boldly”.

A man told the BBC that he saw the attackers going into several bars near the Borough Market.

“They ran up and started stabbing this girl, the three of them,” he said.

“They attacked her and then they stabbed another guy. They were running into all the pubs, all the bars … they were stabbing everyone.”

There are unconfirmed reports the attackers were yelling, “this is for Allah”.
Another witness told the BBC that she was caught up in the drama as police confronted at least one of the attackers near the Borough Market.

“The cab driver turned into the market and we got stuck right in the middle of the shooting we were in a one-way street and couldn’t turn around,” Kumi de Costa told the BBC.

“There were loads of shots being fired. Two people were on the floor behind the church with two or three people leaning over them.


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