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The Burden of History As Dr. Alimi Abdulrazaq Becomes Mutawali of Ilorin



The Burden of History As Dr. Alimi Abdulrazaq Becomes Mutawali of Ilorin


The esteemed family of AGF Abdulrasaq of blessed memory has a huge decades of monumentally unbeaten records and recognitions in the anals of the cherished community of Ilorin and by extension kwara state in particular and Nigeria in General.

The Family is dominating like Colossus and octopus the Legal, political, governance and socio- economic terrains beyond the shores of our dear state.

I do not intend to dig deep into the above assertions regarding the eminence of Abdulrasaq family.

Abdulrasaq is an household name in Ilorin and much of what to known about the family are already within the public domains nationally and internationally to warrant any further information in this write up.

Infact to do that here will amount to an overkill venture to embark on historical excursion and elucidation on a well documented pedigrees of the famous Abdulresaq family of Ilorin.

Again the fear of veering away from the focus of this piece which has to do with the turbaning of the new MUTAWALI of Ilorin Emirate and its environs on one of the foremost illustrious ,industrious and dexterous son of the soil, Dr Alimi Abdulrasaq by His Royal Highness Alhaji (Dr) Ibrahim Sulu Gambari CFR.

The traditional portrait and portfolio of Matawali has Legal implications, connotations and interpretations on who ever is holding the title.

His mandate include acting in a trusted position of Adviser to the Emir on matters requring equity, fairness and justice without compromising the dictates of the rule of law.

Going by the meaning of Matawalin, a co- joined hausa word of Mata and Wali one can say unequivocally that the First Mattawalin of Ilorin who was the patriarch of Abdulrasaq’s family and the First Nothern Lawyer was the most qualified personalty for that exalted traditional position even as he was a well decorated and well crowned Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN.

With the death of the first Mattawalin Ilorin history is again repeating itself n accordance with the popular saying that “what goes around comes around”as the second Matawali of Ilorin is undisputably and deservedly given to an eminently qualified legal luminary, a quintessential legal practitioner and an outstanding advocate of the masses who has paid his dues and still standing like Iroko trees in service to fatherland Dr Alimi Abdulrasaq.

Indeed Dr Abdulrasaq has carved a niche for himself as one of the foremost, finest and best sons and prides of Ilorin , kwara state and indeed a well priced Nigerian of all times.

The Burden of History As Dr. Alimi Abdulrazaq Becomes Mutawali of Ilorin

Show me a man that is dilligemt in his work and standing before the Kings, that is the story of our amiable, reliable and dependable gentleman lawyer par excellent Dr Alimi Abdulrasaq, the new Mutawali of Ilorin.

For the avoidance of doubt and to put the record straight for many people putting calls accross to know more about the great man who the turban fits as MUTAWALI Ilorin I make haste to put on record that Dr Alimi is a bridge builder, a man of indomitable personality, highly principled and a man of philosophical standing who is selflessly committed to building a virile state and nation.

In my decades of bonding with him I found him to be a special breed and a very rare specie of Ilorin extraction who has deep respect for traditional institutions, a staunch defender of the cultural heritage of the ancient City of Ilorin, an advocate of peaceful co-existence and a progressively minded individual with unassuming mien and favourable disposition to the empowerment of our youths.

No doubt the ascendancy to the thrown of Matawalin by Dr Alimi, a great man who is well known for his simplicity, humility, transparency, honesty, piety and generosity portends greater things to come.

Knowing him fully well for his avowed commitment to sustaining the trajectory of hardwork and dogged service towards uplifting and upgrading the living conditions of our people as bequeathed by his father, he will not denigrate on all of these expectations.

As a man of proven integrity and uncommon personality that is most sought after nationally and internationally the horizon of opportunities to attract local and foreign investors to Kwara state under the administration of his younger brother Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq will go a long way in industrialising the state of Harmony.

Also as Matawali the expectations of the people of Ilorin are high that he will advice the Emir and the Governor on how to emplace best strategies towards making Ilorin and indeed kwara state uncharitable and unhabitable for the criminal elements seeking safe haven of harmony in the state of harmony.

In setting agenda for the new Matawali his love for the downtroden masses is expected to inspire him to lift them out of abject poverty, take them off the streets as serial beggars and out of servitude in the hands of slave drivers.

All hail Maigrima second Matawali Ilorin, a man of intellectual sagacity, and capacity, a well cultured and widely trained and travelled personality with a robust understanding of the matrix of interpersonal, inter-communal, inter-state and intercontinental relations who is eminently well suited to wear the highly referred turban.

I pray that your reign shall be eventful and successful and your turban will remain and be retained on your wig head for many more years in service to humanity and to Almighty Allah as you navigate the path bestowed on you by the burden of history at this auspicious times.

*Mohammad Abdulkadri is the Special Assistant to the Minister of Defence on Media and Publicity

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