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We are not all Fulani– Myetti Allah member



Makadi Iorfa, a member of the Myetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association has revealed that not all members of the association are Fulanis.

Iorfa, a member of the group in Benue State and a Tiv clarified the misconception to Daily Post, adding that Miyetti Allah is mostly a social-cultural organisation.

He said, “Myetti Allah is a social-cultural group of herders, not Fulanis, because, I am not a Fulani, but I am a member. So it is a social-cultural group, which means, those who are not Fulani can be members. Although people wrongly believe that the group is a Fulani thing.”

Iorfa also revealed the difficult being linked with Myetti Allah, in a Bunue state that have experienced so much attacks from herdsmen.

“It is difficult, it is like trying to preach the gospel to people who are not believers of that gospel, you understand. People receive that news with shock, me being a Myetti Allah member. Of course, it looks as though you are a black sheep. The attacks that we are seeing are not that recent, it has always been like that since the days of our forefathers, we have been having skirmishes with the Fulanis, however, it has taken a new dimension.

“Herders are nomads, they transverse, from the north to the south looking for vegetation. By dry season, they tend to move to where there is vegetation. Actually, in the past, we used to have a cattle path (route) where herders transverse from this area down. But as the population increases, and society evolves, it is imperative to note that certain grazing route has been overtaken by habitants, due to population. Herder who used those routes with his father in say 20-30 years ago, cannot pass there now because it has been taken over.”

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