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97yr-old researcher, John Goodenough wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry



John Goodenough

A 97-year-old researcher, John Goodenough, has emerged the oldest Nobel Prize winner across all fields. He is from the United States.

Goodenough is one of three researchers who won the Nobel Chemistry Prize on Wednesday for the development of lithium-ion batteries, paving the way for smartphones and a fossil fuel-free society.

He was born on 25 July 1922, less than two months before the birth of 2018 Physics Prize laureate Arthur Ashkin.

Goodenough, Britain’s Stanley Whittingham, and Japan’s Akira Yoshino will share the nine million Swedish kronor (about $914,000 or 833,000 euros) prize equally, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said.

“This lightweight, rechargeable and powerful battery is now used in everything from mobile phones to laptops and electric vehicles… (and) can also store significant amounts of energy from solar and wind power, making possible a fossil fuel-free society,” the jury said.

“Lithium batteries have revolutionised our lives since they first entered the market in 1991,” and were “of the greatest benefit to humankind”.

This year’s Nobel season kicked off on Monday with the Medicine Prize awarded to Americans William Kaelin and Gregg Semenza, and Britain’s Peter Ratcliffe

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Tribute as KAM Holding’s boss marks birthday





President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR and Dr. Kamoru Yusuf FCSN, FMSN during a courtesy visit to the Aso Rock Villa recently

By Arowona Abdulazeez

Success is neither for the swifter nor the strong, rather, achievementss and sustainable championship move with hard work, sincerity of purpose, fervent prayers and firm uphold of trust in God.

As Nigeria marked her 59 years anniversary of nationhood some 16 days ago, as an independent country from the British colonialists on 1st October 2019, another patriotic Nigerian, nationalist of repute, renown industrialist, philanthropist par excellence, a bridge-builder, fabricator and innovator, a family man, community leader, devout religious fellow, an advocate of humility, a global citizen with strong passion for equality, fairness and justice is up for celebration today. READ ALSO:Breaking…KAMWIRE CEO emerges as new Chairman of Basic Metal

He is Kamoru Yusuf, he was born over five decades ago and he has went through all the rudiments of life (within the ambits of the law) to become a renown industrialist with business connections globally.


KAMWIRE as popularly called has his business investments deeply rooted in Nigeria with expansions across Asia continent, wherein many associates and partners are all over the world. His major area of concern is Iron and Steel Products which is one of the bedrocks of Nigeria’s economy.

His business activities spans close to three decades, providing employments opportunities for teeming Nigerians and expatriates, contributing tremendously to the nation’s Internally Generated Revenue, (IGR), providing Community Development Services, supporting Corporate and Government agencies as well as embarking on continuous industrial expansion for the benefit of nation and humanity at large.

READ ALSO:KAMWIRE boss, others visit Buhari, speaks on curbing sub-standard products (PHOTOS)

Although, it is a truism that kings are born and not made by human-being, but Kamoru’s case further confirmed that his birth and existence in life vis a vis business development, has the endorsement, involvement and existence of God therein being a leading indigenous Steel manufacturer in Nigeria despite all odds/ economic challenges.


A multi-award recipient, the celebrant is;

  1. Member of the Nigeria Industrial Policy and Competitiveness Advisory Council (Presidency)
  2. Member of Governing Board of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
  3. Member of Governing Board of National Metallurgical Development Centre
  4. Member of National Council of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, (MAN)
  5. Chairman of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria Kwara/Kogi Chapter
  6. Chairman of Basic Metal, Iron and Steel Manufacturers
  7. Chairman of Galvanized Iron and Steel Manufacturers Association, (GISMA)
  8. Fellow Chemical Society of Nigeria, (FCSN)
  9. Fellow Metallurgical Society of Nigeria, (FMSN)
  10. President/Chief Executive Officer of KAM Holding worldwide.

He is on rescue mission of the masses from sorrow and wilderness of economic misfortune, a rare gem, a man with colossus and unprecedented success stories, unique asset of Africa, a quintessential and detribalized Nigerian. READ ALSO:Breaking…KAMWIRE CEO emerges as new Chairman of Basic Metal

He is no doubt, a ‘Philosopher King’ an entrepreneur who single handedly established KAM industry from a mere business to become an organization and finally to become a global institution of repute with strong pillars for sustainable growth and development.

READ ALSO:KAMWIRE boss becomes Fellow of Metallurgical Society

Kamoru dislikes laziness, fraudulent acts and indolence with crude passion with no apology to anyone no matter highly placed. His language is Nigeria first, Nigeria second, Nigeria third and Nigeria always. He buries all his personal desires and prides to glorify God and support for the masses through his business investments. His faith in God is strong and always active with lovely family and dedicated workers in his life. READ ALSO:TRIBUTE…. KAMWIRE’s wife, Bolanle still glowing at 50 (VIDEO)

He relates with all his workers like family members and they also enjoy his warmth approaches towards them, not like a boss, rather, like a friend, brother and father to all. Keep the flag flying sir.

May this day bring about renewed God’s favour, kindness, protections, breakthrough, success, preservations, fulfilment, accomplishments and peace of mind to you as you mark another milestone in the annals of your existence on earth today.

Many happy returns sir. Hip! Hip!! Hip!!! … Huraaaaaaaay

Arowona Abdulazeez,writes via 



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Buhari’s wife finally breaks silence, arrives Nigeria




Aishat Buhari

Nigeria’s First Lady, Aisha Buhari, on Sunday attributed her long stay outside the country to “doctor’s instruction.”

Mrs Buhari disclosed this in an interview she granted journalists shortly after she arrived the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.

Although she said she was well now, the President’s wife said she still needed more rest.

She said, “I have taken my holiday for this year and it happened that after the holiday, I needed to attend to my health before going to Saudi.

“When I went to Saudi, based on doctor’s instruction, I went back to the UK.

“I am well now but still, I need more rest.” She thanked Nigerians for what she called their contant prayers for her and President Muhammadu Buhari.

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My life is being threatened, sexual harassment reporter cries out




The journalist with BBC Africa Eye who exposed sexual harassment in African Universities, Kiki Mordi, has raised alarm over threat on her life.

She claimed to have being receiving threats after completing an investigation which exposed sexual harassment by some lecturers .

Igbeneghu, a lecturer and former sub-dean of the faculty of arts at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), who is also head pastor of a Foursquare Gospel Church, was exposed in a 13-minute video documentary published by the BBC Africa Eye on Monday.

He was caught on camera sexually harassing an undercover reporter who posed as an admission seeker in the institution.

Mordi says her investigation was related to the experience she had while at university, which forced her to drop out of school.

In an interview with Sahara Reporters, Mordi said since the investigation was completed, she has been receiving subtle threats.

“I have received subtle threats since this work was completed but I am not bothered because the BBC takes the security of employees seriously,” she said.

“Before embarking on this project, the team prayed a lot and also sang because it helped to calm the nerves. But I had to go through the trainings I received over and over again because I wanted to get it right.

“The bulk of the ritual I performed were reading, research and preparation. The biggest goal of this work was to be louder than the aggressor because sexual harassment is very loud. I wanted it to be silenced.”

Mordi said she is glad that things have been changing since the documentary was released, adding that more needs to be done to halt sexual harassment in African universities.

“I am happy that a lot is changing already since the documentary was release and I can confirm to you that one of the lecturers at the University of Lagos caught sexually harassing a prospective student has been dismissed by the institution,” she said.

“I believe it doesn’t stop there until there is a conviction. We have to break that culture of impunity.”

UNILAG suspended the lecturer while Foursquare Gospel Church has asked him to step down from all “ministerial assignments”.

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