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Ruiz Jr said he does not want 15 minutes of fame



Andy Ruiz Jr took the IBF, WBA and WBO titles from Anthony Joshua on 1st of June 2019, Ruiz Jr has said that he does not want fifteen minutes of fame rather he wants his fame to last for generations and also to be the champion for many more years. 

Ruiz Jr said he does not want 15 minutes of fame

The two boxers haven’t seen each other since the shocking defeat Anthony Joshua suffered from the hands of Ruiz Jr in June  earlier this year which stripped AJ of his titles.
Ruiz Jr said he does not want 15 minutes of fame

The fighters met face to face on Wednesday in Saudi Arabia at a press conference, the boxers will not meet again until another press conference prior to their rematch in December 7 2019 in which AJ is the challenger, this will be the first time AJ is challenging another fighter for the first time in eight matches. 

Andy Ruiz Jr said according to Sky sport 

Ruiz Jr said he does not want 15 minutes of fame

“I don’t want 15 minutes of fame. I want it to last. I want a generation. I want to be a champion for more years.

“Two big heavyweights punching each other in the face, it’s going to be exciting

“I know Anthony Joshua is coming hard, he’s coming strong. He’s more hungry, he wants his belts back. He’s preparing hard, but so am I.

“There’s a lot of responsibilities. I’m going to try my best. I’m going to keep those belts and I’m going to have them back in Mexico.

“I’m going to win here in the same fashion that I won on June 1.”

Anthony Joshua recognizes Ruiz Jr as the champion at Wednesday’s press conference but claimed his championship status will only last till December 7 when their rematch will take place.

Ruiz Jr said he does not want 15 minutes of fame

AJ said in the press conference

“I was up against a good challenger. Andy is champion now.

“That will last until December 7 when he puts his titles in the air. Two warriors to go war and the best man will walk out victorious.

“Being a champion is more than the belts. It’s about a championship mindset. The belts will go up in the air and we will fight for them again.”

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