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‘Biafran released Chief Awolowo not Hausa-Fulani’ – IPOB‎ tells Yoruba critics



The indigenous people of Biafra IPOB has strongly kicked against ruling of the Judge of a Federal High Court, Abuja, Justice Binta Nyako, that its leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and 3 others standing trial before her court would be ‎secretly tried.

The court had ordered that Kanu and his members be tried secretly over felony charges.‎

But IPOB said those calling for the secret trial of the embattled Kanu, especially the Yoruba folks should not forget that even the late Obafemi Awolowo was not secretly tried.

In a statement issued on Tuesday by its spokesperson, Emma Powerful, the group insisted that they were tired of Nigerians and needed to have their freedom.

The statement reads in parts:

“Was Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s treason trial, (mind you not treasonable felony), conducted in public or secret? Another question you must answer is this, was the then Action Group and today’s IPOB the same? Which of the two do you consider more dangerous, in view of how the former spread anarchy through major Yoruba towns at the time? I put these questions to you in the hope that you are a student of history.

Some of you who forget that there is a discipline called history, it records major events of our lives and preserves such for posterity.

Chief Obafemi Awolowo was charged, tried in the open and convicted of the more serious charge of treason which is a capital offence. He was dumped in Calabar prison until Ojukwu released him.

Yes Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu an Igbo man and leader of Biafra granted pardon to Awolowo and released him to Yoruba people. It wasn’t Hausa Fulani North that released Chief Awolowo, it was a Biafran.

“This is IPOB! We deconstruct our enemies with facts and figures, that is why Nnamdi Kanu’s court case is a blessed opportunity for we Biafrans to lay bare before the world and human conscience everything wrong with the contraption called Nigeria and why it should not be one.

“Some of you who are internet rats in support of secret trial must know that the godfather of Yoruba politics Chief Obafemi Awolowo was a convicted felon and that is a tag Nnamdi Kanu can never be associated with.

“If Chief Awolowo that committed treason was tried in the public with full media attendance, how much more Nnamdi Kanu answering to the lesser charge of treasonable felony.

“This hypocritical attitude of some of you social commentators is indicative of the underlying pathological hatred you people have towards Igbos, which is largely driven by envy.

“Our question to those who claim to be social media practitioners is this, would you have supported a secret trial for your Chief Obafemi Awolowo?

“Within your predictable answer lies the reason why Nnamdi Kanu and his supporters don’t want anything to do with Nigeria.

“You are vindictive; spiteful race and cowards you are. Why are you in support of secret trial for Kanu? Do you now see how terrible saboteurs you are as human beings? May Chukwu Okike Abiama have mercy on you.”

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