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WAEC/NECO Clearance: Kwara private schools owners cry out over tax exploitation



WAEC/NECO Clearance: Kwara private schools owners cry out over tax exploitation

Members of National Association of Private Schools Kwara State Chapter today decried the level of double taxation, inhuman taxation and harassment suffered in the hands of KWIRS officials and it’s agents .

Some of the members who spoke with ROYAL NEWS said that some new obnoxious taxes were slammed on the school owners before the innocent students could be cleared for WAEC /NECO and Common Entrances Examinations. This is regarded as most insensitive part of the Government as most of these illegal taxes would go back to the populace making lives difficult for innocent kwarans.

One of the school owners Mr lukman ibraheemwho said the conditions government is placing on the school owners before the innocent kids under their cares could be allowed to write the exam is harsher than what they experienced during the last administration in Kwara State, he hereby appeal to NAPPS Leadership to address the issue by meeting the appropriate arms of government to address the issue as they cannot continue in that manner.

Another concerned School owner Mrs Rebecca Daniel who spoke with our correspondent said, “how on earth could any sensitive government ask school to pay for 4 years signpost erection before a school could be cleared for WAEC or NECO? Why should signpost be generalized? What gives impressions that I have a signpost erected in the last two years ?

“Why generalization of signposts as a condition for WAEC/NECO Clearance, when some schools do not have signposts? It shows they have no record but interested in exploitation of the innocent schools.

Another school owner, Mr Rasaq Abdulahi brought out a long list of new taxes that were not discussed with the leadership of NAPPS prior to the implementation, these include: Fumigation Certificate, health inspection fees from KWEPA even when they are not invited.

Fire service fees, Road Set Back fees even when you have none? These charges have been resolved by the leadership of our Association during the last regime ..They are classified as ” Service based charges ” where I enjoy the service I pay for. why is the kwirs generalizing these charges on innocent school owners ? This is exploitation we must all resist . Others are Ministry of Enterprise fees even when our allegiance is to the Ministry of Education, Creche fee, even when we have already paid to the Ministry of Education for nursery and primary school. This is regarded as double taxation and the leadership of NAPPS should not allow this to stand ! He charged!

WAEC/NECO Clearance: Kwara private schools owners cry out over tax exploitation

He further appeal to Government to caution all these agencies and consultant who is trying to impress it by pitching the Government against the parents who are the supporters of this adminstration as most of these illegal charges would go back to the Kwara citizens making lives difficult for them . He said private Education is the last hope of every state as public education has been bastardized in one way or the order .

He charged the Government to look beyond private schools to meet up it’s IGR as they are just coming out of recession imposed by the covid -19 lockdown..He appreciated the Government for given them the loan palliative of N100,000 to N200, 000 during the lockdowns but appeal to the same Government not to retrieve the same amount through double and illegal taxes afterall the same loan palliative given to school would be paid back .

Another concerned School owners who spoke with us said it is better the Government limit it’s conditions for the WAEC/NECO Clearance to the 5 legitimate taxes known to School owners such as Renewal fees , PIT, Dev levy, Water Rate and of recent Land Charge , thank God Paye is no more compulsory for any staff who is not earning up to N30, 000.

Introducing new taxes without the conscience of the school owners is wickedness of the highest order and would be a slap on this administration who meant good for the kwarans.

He charged the ministry of education to stand up to her duties by not allowing itself to be used as a dumping ground by other agencies who wanted to rob peter to pay Paul. He as well charge the leadership of NAPPS in Kwara State to wake up to its responsibility as the defender of the people rights or else they will lose their relevance.

All efforts to speak with the leadership of NAPPS Dr. Rahaman Adetunji and Dr Temitope Ajibola (past and present leader respectively) failed as they declined comments over the allegations levelling against them , the Ministry and Government they claimed they have submitted their protest letters to the Perm Sec Ministry of Education, Human Capital Development, and a Request Letter to meet with the Executive Chairman , Kwirs , they said until they meet , discuss and resolve the issues in the coming week , until they meet with these organs of Government, they have no comment yet.

All effort to speak with the KWIRS proved abortive.

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