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APC’s future is bright with me—Oyedele



APC's future is bright with me---Oyedele

Ifeoluwa Oyedele

As the All Progressive Congress, APC conducts her National Convention today Saturday, Engineer Ifeoluwa Oyedele, one of the aspirants contesting for the position of National Secretary has said that the ruling APC’s future is brighter with him, if given the mandate as the National Secretary.

Speaking with newsmen a night before the national convention in Abuja, Oyedele reiterates that he is not a toddler in the game of politicking as he has held several political positions as an undergraduate in the Polytechnic, University, and other professional organisations.

According to Oyedele, “the position of the National Secretary shouldn’t just go to someone who feels they know it all or have it all because they have handled one position or the other, but lacking the requisite knowledge needed to lead as a Secretary, but should rather be given to someone who has all it takes and has in terms of human and intellectual resources to saddle the mantle of the Secretary position.

“You see people complaining and everyone grumbling, Nigerians have PhD in grumbling and complaining. You cannot change the world but can make a change. What is needed is someone who can provide solutions to issues and not arrogant people who are feels they have been chairmen or secretaries somewhere else.”

Speaking on the issue of the rumours going around in some sections of the party that he is an unknown candidate, Oyedele averred that he has been in politics long before now and privileged to be a member of the merger committee that produce the current ruling party-APC from ACN, CPC, DPP, APGA and some others, while also being the brain behind the APC flag logo in the year 2010/2011.

” Many years ago, I realise that I have interest in participating in issues of concerns in my community, so I decided that wherever I find myself, I will participate in the decision-making process and that led me to politics.

“Everything in life is a process, I was a member of the merger committee of ACN and CPC in 2010/2011, but it saddens my heart that 8years after, media outfits when talking about APC still make some level of differentiation that this one belongs to the ACN block, the other one belong to the CPC block rather than seeing them as APC. So becoming the Secretary of the party at the national level is not about flaunting ego that I have been national this and that, or I have been a minister.

” This is not good at all because it is unfortunate that people are not willing to blend, this is a task before us leaders of the party to ensure we bring everybody together in the party. I was instrumental in how offices were shared then, I was the one who designed the logo of the party, for someone like me, it pains me to think that the party has to recognise me. One or two members of the committee have written a book and they made mention of my contributions to the merger.”

Oyedele noted that just like struggling is a natural human phenomenon, the leaders must ensure that they settle the struggles and that is one of the things he is going to do if given the mandate as all frailing nerves would be calmed.

He also said if given the mandate a better reward system awaits all party members, especially at the Secretariat level where training will be done regularly to ensure that the management skills of staff are up to date among other skills while giving the party stalwarts a sense of belonging, hope, and path to chart toward career growth and development.

” If you go to the secretariat, you must train every worker there, you must ensure that they are good at responding, you must make them comfortable, give them a means of livelihood and ensure that they see that there is a prospect for them towards advancing their career path.

“When political big wigs go to some secretariats, they song praise them like touts and collect money from them, is that the kind of party we want to build? We don’t want to be like the people we are pushed off to because they are doing such things.

He also said if, given the mandate as the national secretary, the APC stands a better chance of being digitized in all its activities.

Citing the example of the membership card, Oyedele explained that the party ID card shouldn’t be a thing that would stay for eternity because it can be produced in less than three minutes. This will ensure that all members have a sense of belonging because when a card caring member contributes financially, it not only makes them entitled, it makes them have the feeling that the party is for them and it is being run by them.

This he further said would ensure better data for a better reward system that encourages others to do more thereby bringing about the competitive spirit that will drive the party to a greater height.

“Reward system encourages people to motivates others to want to do better. This is a marathon race, we must be patient and astute to build the party.

“To ensure fairness, when people see that the system is fair to them, it gives them hope and encourages others. A better reward system, will afford us an all-inclusive government representative at all levels, give people a sense of belonging that the party is for them and is being run by them.”

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APC's future is bright with me---Oyedele

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