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#JusticeForOluchi | Update on Female Banker accused of Hiring Assassins to Kill her Husband



#JusticeForOluchi | Update on Female Banker accused of Hiring Assassins to Kill her Husband

Royal News recently published a story about a female Banker, Oluchi Tochukwu (nee Mbonu) that allegedly contracted Assassins to kill her husband, a friend of the accused woman, Nicole Chioma Ugochukwu, over the weekend, took a trip to Ogun state Police station in Eleweran Abeokuta, Ogun state where Oluchi is being held in custody.
This her update ;

Oluchi got married to Mr. Tochukwu Onyeabushi on the 11th of January 2014. Shortly after the wedding, she became a victim of Domestic Violence.(Also unknown to her he was previously married before and the 1st wife left after 6mths due to DV) Tochukwu turned her to a punching bag. This continued even during her pregnancy. On the 18th of April 2014, whilst beating her up he pushed her down the staircases with her pregnancy of about 30 weeks 2days, she went to faith city hospital VI and was admitted (I will furnish the hospital report). On the 28th of April 2014, she gave birth to a baby girl at about 7mths,the baby had to be incubated because she came out preterm. 

Oluchi was discharged and only comes around to breastfeed her daughter. With the stitches of the CS operation she underwent, Tochukwu still beats her even in the presence of her Mother who came for Omugwo and his own Mother!!!!.

Tochukwu on the 6th and 13th of May 2016 reported her at the customary court Maroko for custody of their daughter of about one year plus, the President of the customary court explained to him that he cannot be awarded custody because of the tender age of the child.(I will attach the customary court summons).

Before now, on the 12th of Jan 2016,while in the office, he packed her belongings, her daughter and the nanny to her office and told her that he is fed up of her and that he was no longer interested in the marriage, he personally went to the Nigerian law School campus VI and chartered a taxi who took Oluchi back to her father’s house…… Since that day till now, Oluchi has been in her parent’s house. 
Oluchi had to make a report against Tochukwu at the Maroko Police Station for work place harassment and intimidation as he will work boldly into her office and in the presence of bank staff and customers scream at her “I will deal with you, you are a slut, I will beat you black and blue” etc. The police called him and he wrote and undertaking never to do so, but unfortunately it continued. (Will also include the letter to the police). 

On the 5th of May, Oluchi petitioned him at the social welfare unit, Ilasan lekki Lagos, as his threats were becoming unbearable and he threatened to take away her child from her, he was invited on the 10th of May 2016 and was told that the child was still too tender to be awarded to him…The child was just 2 years and one month old then.. He didn’t listen to the family assessor and walked out of the meeting angrily.

Sometimes in late September 2016, Oluchi was served with a motion filed by Tochukwu on the 30th of August 2016 seeking custody of the child on the ground that he is the biological father and Oluchi is an irresponsible mother. The motion was to be heard on the 26th of August 2016. Oluchi quickly filed her own counter Affidavit which was filed on the 17th of October 2016.
Surprisingly on the 25th of October at about 11.30pm, she was arrested and taken to Abeokuta just some hours before the matter came up in court, and guess what his lawyer was in court but thank God that the court didn’t sit. 

On the Night that Tochukwu was robbed, I was reliably informed by Oluchi’s father that his phone rang about 10pmish and when he picked the call, he was told that his son in law was rushed to the hospital and was robbed, the same call came to Oluchi’s phone, that Tochukwu was robbed and was seriously injured. Who called them? Why hasn’t the police investigated who called both of them that night? 
They initially refused to go all the way from AYOBO to lekki at about past 11pm in the night. Oluchi made calls to friend of Tochukwu she knew that lived near him to help our, pending when she will get to lekki.

She even took two days off work to nurse him back to health and he still had the temerity to come to her father’s house with policemen and arrested her. That is the height of wickedness. How come she was arrested and her pictures shown all over the Internet without proper investigation carried out?

The Nigerian Police must learn to investigate properly and the Nigerian Press must learn to do their own investigation before printing out their stories. As a matter of fact Oluchi has never slept in Tochukwu’s house since January this year, so how come she showed them where to hide the cutlasses and matchets? His car was to be taken to her brother in Onitsha. Oluchi has only one brother who passed on about 4 years ago. Bikonu which brother?


It will end in Praise for Oluchi.

– Ahuoiza Adesokun (28.Oct.2016 via Facebook)”
Evidence suggests it was a wicked setup. Today 02 November 2016 marks the 8th day a likely innocent lady and mother has been unjustly locked up in an Abeokuta police detention cell for a crime committed in Lekki, Lagos. Where is the Justice?

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