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Hon. Gbenga Oyekunle addressing beneficiaries of Gbenga Power Foundation food programme

By Tajudeen Raji (Olofamojo)

My foundation was set up to help humanity, some old men and women can no longer go to the farm and they have to eat and access medical care no matter how little. The Gbenga Power Foundation has given out free JAMB forms to no fewer than 1,800 candidates across Ifelodun, Offa and Oyun Federal Constituency in the last one year*

Politics is dirty when you don’t have the interest of your people at heart. Politics is a dirty game when you throw caution to the wind because of the quest for power. For me if politics is truly about service to the people; then there should be no basis for violence and character assassination and I have a covenant with my God that I will never be part of any of this or other vices*

Above are few of the many inspiring messages of Gbenga Oyekunle-Power at different forums. Being upright is not what can be achieved overnight because it’s purely attitudinal and when you hear attitudinal this is something that is deep inside you!

The utterances and behavior of some political gladiators in the last few months have remained a source of concern for every right thinking Nigerian which brings to mind the question of how well some of these people parading themselves as candidates meant for the masses.

The African Democratic Congress, ADC candidate for Ifelodun/Offa/Oyun Federal Constituency is firm believer in democracy and human relations with the fear of God and will never derail from this path.


In one of his numerous empowerment programmes, Gbenga Power left the crowd speechless when he gave directives to the committee incharge of distribution of food stuff that they should not discriminate or apply sentiment, in his words.

*God is a God of mercy who takes care of us as human beings despite our numerous sins; either we worship Him or not He still bless us and watch over our affairs beyond our imagination. Let’s see them as part of us, we are all brothers and sisters, political parties may differ but I believe we are one, please make sure everyone gets something to take home*

I don’t think one needs a rocket scientist to be convinced that Gbenga Power is a down to earth philantropist turned politician who would go out of his way to put smiles on faces of the downtrodden and for us to expand this scope and sustain it, the people of Ifelodun/Offa/Oyun Federal Constituency must vote for this great man.

The three local governments that make up this Federal Constituency are blessed with industrious people who know the difference between left and right and would do everything in ensuring that posterity judges them right.

I am trying as much as possible to toll the path of my friend and brother, Gbenga Power who once said no amount of insult or malice against him will ever make him join the bandwagon of hurling derogatory words on his political opponents and this is highly commendable of him.

I listened with wrap attention as some politicians who are already threatened with the presence of the ADC candidate for Ifelodun/Offa/Oyun Federal Constituency that they are the right candidate having being in active politics for years.

The simple question is, how have they impacted on lives of their people in all these years? What assurance do the electorate have if such crops of politicians are recycled continually?

With likes of Gbenga Power, I can say without fear of contradiction that the *mandate* of our people in Ifelodun/Offa/Oyun Federal Government shall be protected.

Till we meet again, thanks for your attention 😊

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