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Breaking… Gov. Ahmed presents N181bn budget proposal for 2018 (FULL DETAILS)









1.     Mr. Speaker,


Honourable Members of Kwara State House of Assembly. It is with great honor that I present the 2018 Appropriation Bill for your consideration and approval.


Today’s 2018 Budget proposal seeks to consolidate the gains of the 2017 budget which sought to sustain our work towards the realization of our commitments to the people of Kwara State as outlined in our Shared Prosperity Agenda.




2.       Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members, the 2018 Budget is developed in line with the improvement in the country’s economy, arising from the positive economic indices recorded during the outgoing year.


3.       In view of this development, particular attention will be paid to the implementation of policies and programmes that will ensure prosperity for the people of Kwara State by enhancing infrastructure, stimulating the socio-economic environment, boosting the informal sector and expanding job creation.





4.       The Main Policy Thrust of 2018 Budget will therefore be to strengthen our Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) mechanism for increased revenue collection. Our focus on revenue collection is premised on the need to ensure the completion of all on-going infrastructure development projects, and the funding of new ones.


It is important to state that our focus on increasing and strengthening IGR is not to impose new taxes or levies, but rather to widen the tax net and plug loop holes.


5.       Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members, before going into the details of the proposed 2018 Budget, permit me to give a brief overview of the performance of the 2017 Budget.








6.     As you are all aware, the 2017 budget, christened “Budget of Introspection and Sustenance”, was geared towards the implementation of projects and programs that would ensure collective prosperity and economic empowerment for all Kwarans.


However, these aspirations where hampered by the economic recession, one of the worst in our country’s existence.


This resulted in fluctuations in the level of revenue accrued to the State Government from the Federal Account and restricted our capacity to implement some of the capital projects and programs scheduled for this year.






Despite the recession, it is pleasing to note that, through prudent management of the limited resources available, we have been able to record some achievements.


For instance, we were able to meet our obligations of prompt salary payment to all workers and pensioners and fund various capital projects with the resources available.


To enable Local Government Councils meet their constitutional obligations to workers and pensioners, we lent the Councils Three Billion, Four Hundred Million Naira from the receipt of the London and Paris Club Refund.


In addition, tertiary institutions were supported with regular payment of quarterly government intervention fund during the outgoing year.






7.     The state government also recorded progress in the implementation of development programmes and projects in some sectors as highlighted below: –


Works and Transport


8.     Seventeen on-going road projects were completed under IF-K as at 30th September, 2017. These roads include:


·         Aduralere-Ojagboro-Isale Koko- Sanu Sheu Road,


·         Gerewu Phase I


·         Oloro Palace Way


·         Mission Road, Lafiagi


·         Oko Bridge, Oro Ago


·         Henry George – Mini Campus – Queen School


·         Erin – Ile – Ilemona – Road


·         Offa – Irra Road and


·         Babanloma Township Road, among others.


On-going projects that commenced this year are: Geri–Alimi Diamond Interchange Dualization to General Hospital, Ilorin and Kulende-Sango- Oyun-UITH-Oke-Ose.


So far, a total sum of two billion, nine hundred and eighty million, nine hundred and seventy-eight thousand, two hundred and two naira, sixty kobo has been expended on road projects in the State. The state government is also intervening on some Federal road projects in the outgoing year. These include dualization of Offa Garage- Dangote Road, Ilorin, Patigi-Kpada-Rogun Road and Kaiama-Kishi Road.


In respect of Kaiama-Kishi road, a total sum of two hundred and eighty-eight million naira was received from the Federal government.








9.     Our commitment to agriculture as a major economic growth driver in the state remains strong because of its capacity to generate employment and ensure prosperity for our people.


Consequently, we embarked on the Off-takers Demand Driven Agriculture Programme (ODDA) and Commercial Agriculture Credit Scheme (CACS) during the outgoing year with about 1,000 farmers benefitting from the one billion naira programme in 2017.




10. The provision of quality healthcare services to the people of Kwara State remains a high priority for this administration. Consequently, we established the Kwara State Health Insurance Agency to guarantee access to quality, and affordable healthcare services for all Kwarans.


11.   Attention was also paid to preventive and curative health at the primary healthcare level through the distribution of 1.9 million insecticide treated nets at no cost to pregnant mothers and under-5 Children in collaboration with Global Fund.




12.   The provision of regular and adequate electricity remains a strong focus point for this administration. In the outgoing year, we intensified our drive to take advantage of energy mix, including hydro and solar power.






The Light Up Kwara (LUK) project is one of the recent programs implemented to illuminate the streets in Ilorin metropolis and other parts of the State.


13.   A total sum of nine hundred and twenty-one million, two hundred and twelve thousand, six hundred and fifty-six naira, thirty kobo was spent on solar street light project across Ilorin metropolis while fifteen million, seven hundred and seventy thousand, two hundred and thirty-seven Naira, twenty-six kobo was spent to service contractual obligation for ongoing projects in the energy sub-sector.




14.   In recognition of the role of education in development, the sector has continued to receive government attention in the year 2017.


Pursuant to this, we purchased and installed state-of-art equipment at the International Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship College (IVTEC), Ajase-Ipo for the sum of one hundred and forty-three million, eight hundred and ninety-five thousand, two hundred and seventeen naira.


Last Tuesday, IVTEC was formally commissioned by the Vice President of the Federal Government of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.


The total sum of One billion, three hundred and forty million, four hundred and fifty-eight thousand, three hundred and one naira, twenty-two kobo was spent on the Kwara State University (KWASU) Satellite campuses.








Water Supply


15.   Our commitment to close the potable water availability gaps in the State continued during the outgoing year. This is reflected in the execution of outstanding work in the Ilorin metropolis water supply project which was sustained during the year.


Consequently, work is on-going at various fronts while the overhead tank at Oja-Oba is near completion. Similarly, work is on-going at the Share-Tsaragi water scheme reconstruction project.


Information and Communication


16. Recognizing the importance of regular information dissemination to good governance, our government intensified the reposition of State-Owned Media Houses in the outgoing year.


I am pleased to report that Kwara State Television has been fully equipped with cutting-edge digital equipment, including new studio and field equipment as well as renovated premises. The station is now ready for Digital Switch Over and will unveil a new look and programs in January 2018.


Similarly, new digital studio equipment has been acquired for Midland FM and will be installed before the end of November 2017 while a new digital transmitter will be procured for the station before the end of the year.


In the incoming year, priority attention will be given to Radio Kwara AM and The Herald Newspaper in the next phase of the repositioning.


Women Affairs and Social Development


17.   The Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development was equally able to raise the bar in service delivery, especially to vulnerable groups in the state. In the outgoing year, relief package materials worth one million, five hundred thousand naira was provided to ECWA Leprosy colony at Omu-Aran, while widows across the State were also empowered to the tune of One million, two hundred thousand naira


Under the skill acquisition programme, the Ministry was able to train One hundred and twenty women in various skills.


Community and Social Development Agency


18.   Mr. Speaker, Distinguished Honourable Members, the Kwara State Community and Social Development Agency (KWCSDA) approved and funded eighty-seven Community Development Plans out of which fifteen Community Development Plans have been fully implemented while seventy-two are on-going. Out of the one hundred and fifty-two approved micro-projects, seventy-seven have been completed and put to use by the beneficiary communities while the remaining seventy-five micro-projects are on-going.


Similarly, a total sum of three hundred and Ninety million, three hundred and Ninety-seven thousand, seven hundred naira was disbursed for Community Development Investments across the Sixteen Local Government Areas of the State.


General Public Service


19.   In our recognition of the Civil Service as the engine room of government, we have focused on the continuous development of the human resources within the service.


A total of one thousand, five hundred and seventy-eight civil servants benefitted from the promotion exercise conducted during the outgoing year.


20.   In order to provide civil servants with a conducive working environment, the state government commenced the construction of a New Ultra-Modern Secretariat Complex during the outgoing year.


21.   Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, from the foregoing, it is evident that in spite of the paucity of funds, modest achievements were recorded in the outgoing year.




22.   Mr. Speaker, Distinguished Honourable Members, the 2018 Budget seeks to essentially consolidate the gains of the past years as we continue to build a strong and vibrant economy and ensure that the citizens of Kwara State are prosperous.


23.   Therefore, the 2018 Budget has the following objectives:


(a)    Strengthening of Internal Revenue Generation (IGR) drive through land administration as a basis for increased revenue generation, as well as identification and leveraging on other revenue sources;


(b)    Infrastructural Development through the completion of all on-going projects in order to boost socio-economic activities in the State;


(c)   Rural Roads Development for evacuation of agricultural produce from rural areas to urban areas and the supply of agricultural inputs to farmlands/rural communities;


(d)    Job and Wealth Creation for youths through promotion of agricultural value chain and sustenance of human capacity building especially in the vocational and technical areas; and


24.   We are determined to make good our commitments to the people of Kwara State within the limits of available resources. To this end, the proposed 2018 Budget will further promote good governance and investment in priority sectors that will enhance and sustain our economic recovery.


Based on these parameters, the proposed 2018 Appropriation is themed Budget of Sustained Growth and Prosperity.


This is based on our aspirations for sustained infrastructure development of our state, significant improvement in the living standards of our people and increased reliance on internally generated revenue.


25.   The 2018 Budget Proposal is formulated using the Zero-Based Budgeting Approach. Our projections were based on the following underlying assumptions as adopted by Federal Government. These include:


a.     Oil Price Benchmark of US $45 per barrel;


b.     Oil Production Estimate of 2.3 million barrels per day;


c.     Exchange Rate of N 305/US $;


d.     Real GDP Growth of 3.5 percent;


e.     Inflation Rate of 12.4 percent.






26.   Based on the above fiscal assumptions and parameters, the size of the proposed budget is One Hundred and Eighty-One Billion, Eight Hundred and Eighty-Six Million, Fifty-Six Thousand, Five Hundred and Fifty-Five Naira Only for the services of Kwara State Government in 2018 Financial Year.


This reflects an increase of Fifteen Billion, Seven Hundred and Eighty-One Million, Nine Thousand, One Hundred and Fifty Naira Only or 9.5% compared to the 2017 Revised Appropriation.


27.   Out of this Total Budget Size, the sum of Seventy-Five Billion, Two Hundred and Four Million, Two Hundred and Fifty-Seven Thousand, Nine Hundred and Twenty-Two Naira Only or 41.3% is for recurrent expenditure.




The sum of One Hundred and Six Billion, Six Hundred and Eighty-One Million, Seven Hundred and Ninety-Eight Thousand, Six Hundred and Thirty-Three Naira Only or 58.7% is for Capital Expenditure.


Sources of Revenue


28.   The main sources of revenue for the Proposed 2018 Budget are:


(a)    Statutory Allocation: This is the State’s share of collectible revenue from the Federation Account and is estimated at Twenty-Seven Billion, Nine Hundred and Eighty-Nine Million, One Hundred and Three Thousand, Four Hundred and Eighty-Four Naira Only or 15.4% of the total revenue.




This amount is slightly higher than the amount projected for 2017 revised budget by One Billion, Six Hundred and Ninety-Five Million, Two Hundred and Ten Thousand, Three Hundred and Nine Naira Only (N1,695,210,309) Or 6.4%.


The increase is based on the optimism that the economic recovery growth will be sustained, and will impact positively on the overall expected returns in the 2018 financial year.


(b)    Value Added Tax: The estimated VAT receipt is Nine Billion, Seven Hundred and Seventy-Nine Million, Nine Hundred and Thirty-Five Thousand, Five Hundred and Sixty-Five Naira Only or 5.4%.






(c)    Other Sundry Revenue: The estimated amount of sundry revenue from the Federation Account is Thirteen Billion, Six Hundred and Ninety-Seven Million, Six Hundred and Twenty Thousand, Eight Hundred and Ninety-Seven Naira Only or 7.5%


(d)   Extra Expected Revenue: This is the State’s share of the expected revenue refunds from the Federal Government which is estimated at Twenty-Three Billion, Nine Hundred and Eighty-Five Million, Five Hundred and Seventy-Three Thousand, Five Hundred and Twenty-Eight Naira Only or 13.2%.








(e)    Internally Generated Revenue (IGR):  The estimated receipt from internally generated revenue is Thirty-Eight Billion, Four Hundred and Fifty-One Million, Two Hundred and Fifty-Five Thousand, One Hundred and Sixty-Two Naira Only or 21.1%.


(f) Other sundry Income from Internal sources- This is repayment of LGA loan to state government which is estimated at Five Hundred and Six-Four Million, Seven Hundred and Fifty-Four Thousand, Three Hundred and Sixty-Four Naira Only or 0.3%.


(g)    Capital Development Fund Receipt/Aid and Grants: The estimated receipt from this source is Sixty-Two Billion, Four Hundred and Seventeen Million, Eight Hundred and Thirteen Thousand, Five Hundred and Fifty-Five Naira Only or 34.3%.


(h)   Term Loan Facility from Financial Institutions: This is the loan facility to augment revenue to finance the budget and is estimated at Five Billion Naira Only or 2.8%.


29.   In keeping with the administration’s determination to be inward looking in matters relating to revenue generation, effort will be geared towards exploring more areas of generating revenue especially our land resources and proper tax administration without imposing any form of tax burden on citizens.




30.   The Total Recurrent Expenditure for the 2018 financial year is Seventy-Five Billion, Two Hundred and Four Million, Two Hundred and Fifty-Seven Thousand, Nine Hundred and Twenty-Two Naira.


The breakdown is as follows:


(i)             Personnel Cost: Thirteen Billion, Nine Hundred and Eighteen Million, One Thousand, Eight Hundred and Ninety-Four Naira Only or 18.5% of the total recurrent expenditure


(ii)   Overhead Cost: Forty-Six Billion, Five Hundred and Sixty-Seven Million, Three Hundred and Seventy-Nine Thousand, Seven Hundred and Sixty-One Naira Only or 62%. This includes subvention to parastatals, support grants and contributions as well as tertiary institutions’ overhead.


(iii)  Recurrent Debt Service Charges: Five Billion, Six Hundred and Five Million, Eight Hundred and Seventy-Six Thousand, Two Hundred and Sixty-Seven Naira or 7.5%.


(iv)  Other Consolidated Revenue Fund Charges:  Nine Billion, Thirteen Million Naira Only or 12%.




31.   With the transfer from recurrent budget surplus of Thirty-Nine Billion, Two Hundred and Sixty-Three Million, Nine Hundred and Eighty-Five Thousand, Seventy-Eight Naira Only and other capital receipts of Sixty-Seven Billion, Four Hundred and Seventeen Million, Eight Hundred and Thirteen Thousand, Five Hundred and Fifty-Five Naira Only, the total fund available for capital expenditure for the 2018 financial year is One Hundred and Six Billion, Six Hundred and Eighty-One Million, Seven Hundred and Ninety-Eight Thousand, Six Hundred and Thirty-Three Naira or 59%.


32.   The State Government is placing more emphasis on internal resources for its capital expenditure.


33.   The Capital Expenditure outlay is strictly in line with the declared priorities of this administration. The Economic Affairs Sector has the highest allocation of Fifty-Three Billion, Seven Hundred and Forty-Four Million, One Hundred and Sixty-Six Thousand, Five Hundred and Twenty-One Naira or 50.4% of the total capital expenditure, while the Health Sector is allocated Twenty-Three Billion, Nine Hundred and Eighteen Million, Three Hundred and Eighty Thousand, Nine Hundred and Ninety- Two Naira or 22.4%.






The Education Sector has an allocation of Twelve Billion, Six Hundred and Twenty- Eight Million, Forty-Seven Thousand, One Hundred and Fifty-Six Naira or 11.8%.


General Public Services has Seven Billion, Five Hundred and Fifty Million, Seven Hundred and Seventy Thousand, Sixty-Two Naira or 7.1%.


34.   Let me reiterate that the 2018 Capital Expenditure estimates will focus on the completion of on-going projects, especially in key areas of such as agriculture, roads, education, health services, energy, water supply as well as the provision of the essential services and facilities for the wellbeing of Kwarans.


35.   Therefore, the Sectoral Breakdown of the Capital Expenditure Estimates is as follows:


(i) General Public Services: – Seven Billion, Five Hundred and Fifty Million, Seven Hundred and Seventy Thousand, Sixty-Two Naira or 7.1%.


(ii) Public Order and Safety: – Nine Hundred and Ninety-Six Million, Nine Hundred and Forty-Four Thousand, Five Hundred and Fifty-Nine Naira Only (N 996,944,559) or 0.9%.


(iii) Economic Affairs: – Fifty-Three Billion, Seven Hundred and Forty-Four Million, One Hundred and Sixty-Six Thousand, Five Hundred and Twenty-One Naira Only or 50.4%.


(iv) Environmental Protection: – Eight Hundred and Eleven Million, Five Hundred and Twenty-Nine Thousand, Four Hundred and Forty-Six Naira Only or 0.7%.




(v) Housing and Community Amenities: – Five Billion, One Hundred and Seventy-Seven Million, Nine Hundred and Eight Thousand, Six Hundred and Sixty-Seven Naira Only or 4.8%.


(vi) Health: – Twenty-Three Billion, Nine Hundred and Eighteen Million, Three Hundred and Eighty Thousand, Nine Hundred and Ninety-Two Naira Only or 22.4%.


(vii) Recreation, Culture and Religion: – One Billion, Five Hundred and Seventy-Six Million, Nine Hundred and Forty-Four Thousand, Eight Hundred and Seventy Naira Only or 1.5%.


(viii) Education: – Twelve Billion, Six Hundred and Twenty-Eight Million, Forty-Seven Thousand, One Hundred and Fifty-Six Naira Only or 11.9%.


(ix) Social Protection: – Two Hundred and Seventy-Seven Million, One Hundred and Six Thousand, Three Hundred and Sixty Naira Only or 0.3%.


36. Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, I will now briefly touch on some sectoral highlights of the proposals for Capital Projects as contained in the 2018 Budget.






37. Agriculture Subsector will be accorded high priority in the 2018 Budget. Our strategy in this direction is to provide agricultural inputs, credit facilities, fertilizers, seedlings and land for farming. Also, road infrastructure will be provided to enable the transportation of agricultural produce to urban centers.


38.  In a bid to sustain the achievements recorded in 2017 through the Off-takers Demand Driven Agricultural (ODDA) programme, government in the next financial year will boost agriculture in the State with credit support to genuine and registered farmers.


The sum of one billion naira has been earmarked for the programme which will be primarily established to connect out-growers (smallholder farmers) to the local processors (Off-takers).


39. The Agro Mall will continue with its various activities to farmers in the provision of farm inputs, improved seeds, extension services and also fast-track linkages between Off-takers and farmers through value chain and effective marketing strategy.




40. A total sum of five billion, two hundred and twelve million, six hundred and forty-six thousand, six hundred and fourteen naira only has been set aside for the capital projects in agriculture in 2018 financial year.




41. The State government will continue to partner Private Investors in the areas of clean and renewable sources of energy. Efforts will be intensified to recoup the State government’s investment in electricity assets in the coming year.


Also, power supply to various communities across the State will be improved upon in the coming financial year through the provision of transformers, electrical plants and equipment.




The total sum of Three Billion, Five Hundred and Seventy-Six Million, Twenty-Two Thousand, Seven Hundred and Eighty-Three Naira Only is allocated to this subsector for all the priority capital projects in 2018 financial year.


Works and Transport


42. In 2018, emphasis will be placed on completion of on-going road projects while new road projects that have been approved for construction will commence. Attention will also be paid to Rural Roads construction.


A total of eighteen works which cut across all the three senatorial areas of the State have been proposed for construction in 2018.








They include:


(i)           Oke-Onigbin-Isanlu-Isin Road


(ii)        Osi-Obbo Ayegunle Road


(iii)      Overcomer Estate Reservoir–Tanke Pipeline Road, Ilorin


(iv)      Omu-Aran Township Road


(v)         Kuchika Water Works Road, Lafiagi


(vi)       Tipper Garage-Amuyo Road, Offa


(vii)    Muu- Isale Ago Road, Offa


(viii)  Station Road, Erin-Ile and


(ix)     Abayan-Patako-Ita Olowo-Ora Road, among others


43. The state government intends to key into the Federal Government’s intervention initiative of opening up rural roads for evacuation of farm produce from rural areas to urban centers through the Rural Access and Agricultural Marketing Project (RAAMP).


To this end, the State Government has provided Two Hundred Million Naira as counterpart fund in the year 2018 budget to access One Billion, Eight Hundred and Thirty Million Naira Only from the World Bank. Through this effort, 381.7 km rural roads across the State will be constructed.


A total sum of Sixteen Billion, Two Hundred and Thirty-Eight Million, Two Hundred and Four Thousand, Four Hundred and Eighty-Two Naira Only is allocated to the Capital Projects in this subsector.


Commerce and Cooperative


44. The State Government will continue to sustain Commercial and Cooperative Programmes to accelerate the socio-economic growth of the State.


In line with this objective, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the State will be supported with the provision of Micro Credit Intervention Scheme of Five Hundred Million Naira in the coming year.


A total sum of Six Hundred and Forty-One Million, Two Hundred and Fifty-Six Thousand, Three Hundred and Thirty-Four Naira Only has been set aside for all the capital projects in this sub sector in 2018 financial year.




45. The desire of this administration is to bridge the housing deficit and ensure quality, affordable and accessible housing for Kwarans through Public Private Partnership (PPP).


A total sum of Three Hundred and Seventy Million, Seven Hundred and Fifty-One Thousand, Three Hundred and Eighty Naira Only is allocated for the accomplishment of priority project activities of this sub-sector.


Water Supply


46. Government will continue to enhance the provision of potable water in the state in order to ensure realization of the 500 meters’ access goal of this administration. For this purpose, we are committed to completing the multi-billion naira Ilorin metropolis water supply project by end of the first quarter of 2018. When completed, pipe borne water distribution coverage in the state capital will be improved considerably. The Secondary reticulation will follow immediately after the completion of the primary reticulation.


47. Rehabilitation of several water works across the state will be given priority to enhance the delivery of water to the people of the state.


In addition, a total of 320 Boreholes will also be provided in all the wards of the state in 2018 financial year.


A total sum of Three Billion, Four Hundred and Ninety-Eight Million, Three Hundred and Fifty-Two Thousand, One Hundred and Eighty-Two Naira Only is allocated to this subsector.




Culture and Tourism


48. Having realized the role of Culture and Tourism in socio-economic, greater attention will be devoted to this subsector in the coming year.


We will ensure the effective management and development of our tourist centers.


Accordingly, a total sum of One Hundred Million, Seven Hundred and Forty-Six Thousand, Six Hundred and Thirty-Seven Naira Only has been set aside for cultural services.




49. Based on the crucial role education plays in development and poverty reduction, this administration will continue to ensure the development of the education sector.


Accordingly, rehabilitation of classrooms will be carried out across the three senatorial districts in 2018. This is to provide pupils, students and teachers with a conducive atmosphere for learning and teaching.


50. Our Tertiary Institutions will also be accorded high priority in the provision of needed infrastructural facilities. Efforts will be geared towards the completion of all on-going projects in our tertiary institutions especially KWASU Campuses in Ilorin, Ilesha Baruba and Ekiti Local Government.


A total sum of Twelve Billion, Six Hundred and Twenty-Eight Million, Forty-Seven Thousand, One Hundred and Fifty-Six Naira Only is earmarked for the capital projects under the Education Sector for 2018 financial year.




51. Our guiding principle for this sector is the establishment of a qualitative, affordable and accessible healthcare delivery system in the State.


Hence we will continue to invest in the development of primary and secondary healthcare facilities across the state.


Consequently, a comprehensive rehabilitation of some public health facilities in the state will be carried out in the 2018 financial year.


The public health facilities to be restored include the following:


(i) Two General Hospitals


(ii) Two Specialist Hospitals


(iii) Three Cottage Hospitals


(iv) Six Primary Health Centers


(v) Civil Service Clinic, Ilorin


In addition, modern medical equipment will be procured and supplied to our health facilities in the state as a replacement for obsolete ones.


52. The Primary Health Centers under the Health System Development Project II will be completed in the 2018 financial year. When completed, the state government will take ownership and put the facilities to effective use.


53. A total sum of Twenty-Three Billion, Nine Hundred and Eighteen Million, Three Hundred and Eighty Thousand, Nine Hundred and Ninety-Two Naira Only is earmarked for the health sector.




54. The State Government realizes the need to ensure justice for all. To this end, priority will be given to rehabilitation and furnishing of courts across the state. Also, the construction of a befitting permanent office for the Ministry of Justice will commence in the 2018 financial year.




55. Mr. Speaker, Distinguished Honourable Members, we are determined to build a state anchored on inclusive and sustained prosperity. We are also mindful of the fact that much remains to be done. I am aware of the hardship caused by our current economic challenges, and recommit to working tirelessly to create conditions for the prosperity of the greatest number of our people.


Meanwhile, I wish to thank all Kwarans for their perseverance, patience and understanding.


56. I equally thank all Traditional Rulers for the cooperation and support for the State Government since the inception of this Administration.






57. Finally, Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, I would like to express my appreciation of your cooperation with this administration as well as your dedication towards the progress of our State. I have no doubt in my mind that this partnership will continue to grow stronger and lead to the Kwara State of our dreams.


58. It is on this note, Mr. Speaker, that I now request your kind permission to place before this Honourable House, The Proposed 2018 Budget.


59. Thank you for your time and attention. God Bless us all.


Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed,


Executive Governor,


Kwara State,




23rd November, 2017



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Breaking... Gov.  Ahmed presents N181bn budget proposal for 2018  (FULL DETAILS)

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