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It’s been (13) years since Almighty Allah called my dear father to rest.
He walked ahead always.
He walked in strength and kindness.
He walked in love that is shone with warmth.
Time flies but never takes away memories even as seconds turn to minutes. Minutes turn to hours, which forms days , days turn to weeks, weeks turned to months, months turned to years.

It still doesn’t change existence and impact. When I think about his life and all he has done while he was on earth, I can’t help but crave to be like him because, indeed, his attributes are worthy of emulation.

While he was on earth, he wasn’t just a father but a mentor and a friend to many.

( You are always in my memories as though you are amongst us. I always put in mind all the things you’ve taught me while you were with us)

May Almighty Allah give us the ability to do and even more than what you’ve done.


One of the things we are left with when a loved one is no more is memories.
A constant reminder that death is a part that every human must take to complete the balance of nature.

It has been ordained by Allah for a man to exist, and after that, he returns to his Creator.

One of the hardest truths of life is knowing people we love will die, people we need will die, people we don’t know will die, and eventually, we ourselves will die.

It’s a sad truth to realize, but one of my earnest prayers is “Oh Allah, let our death only reach us when you have forgiven our sins and pleased with us .

May Allah grant peace, forgiveness, and mercy to every soul that has passed away.

Adieu SA.


Your son,

Ismail.B. AROWONA,Cpo

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