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TRIBUTE: Ashaolu: Exit of a Patriot



TRIBUTE: Ashaolu: Exit of a Patriot

By Wahab Oba

“Life’s but a walking shadow; a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then he’s heard no more. It’s but like a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”.

What an ephemeral, meaningless world. What a vanity upon vanity being. Today, you’re strong and agile; tomorrow, you’re feeble and week. Yesterday, you were on top of the world and being celebrated every where; today, you’re no more.

Notwithstanding its fleetingness, it’s a simple, easy life; do your nicest and quit. The world will remember you for what you were; sadistic or humanistic. It’s a choice.

While he lived, Tunde Ashaolu was a patriot, committed democrat. He was devoted to the course he believed in. He was a team player who believed in creating space and an enabling environment for every interested participant to operate unhindered. It’s not how long, but how well. Tunde played his part in the political discourse of Kwara State. His stay might be short, but meaningful. Consistent with his belief, he was dedicated to making a positive difference.

The last time we met at a public event,he embraced and “dragged” me to a corner to sooth my perceived frayed nerves on a matter of mutual interest. He later went to greet my wife at the same event. That was Tunde Ashaolu, humility personified. He was PRO, PDP, Kwara State, until he died on Sunday after celebrating his birthday on Saturday.

As we mourn his untimely and devastating departure, may God give his family, friends and associates the fortitude to bear the loss. May God overlook his shortcomings and may his gentle soul rest in peace.

Good bye, Tunde Ashaolu.

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